Anchors and Rope

Back when I started working on boundless as the sea, my only goal was to write something with bondage in the umyverse.

But Smith and Trott are both water fae, so I was thinking about how Trott’s magic could tie in (literally) to the story. And then they didn’t have a magic bond, so I was like, great! That can be the reason why kinky magic sex.

But then, of course, since they’re water fae, I took that even further.

Why not make the entire thing beach themed? Why not have the characters swallowing pearls in a sensual manner because reasons? Why not use an anchor as a Saint Andrews’ cross???

Why not indeed.

Being the person that I am, I had to think about how exactly that was going to work. So I googled pictures of crosses and anchors and eventually decided on a large stone one to be described in the story.

anchor cross filled in with rope

Here are some little MS Paint doodles of how I imagined it working.
The first is the preliminary lineart, with a black cross overlay, in which I was trying to figure out hand positioning. The second is the filled-in version and mock-up of a person on the anchor, with some rope that you can tell I got lazy on after repeating it a few times.

I’m not an artist, but that gives you a basic idea of things.

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