Garbage Court Apartment

Once in a while, I doodle little floorplans for places, because when I was a kid I wanted to be an architect. If being a professional WNBA player wasn’t going to work out, lol.

I know everyone pictures the GC apartment a little differently, and some headcanon they don’t live an apartment at all. (or they live in many apartments)

But here’s my version, if you think that’s interesting.

Garbage Court apartment

The V shaped thing in the bottom right is the anchor from boundless as the sea.
Obviously, this is not to scale.

Rooms, clockwise from bottom left are: living room/hallway, Trott’s office, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen.
This is probably more of a condo than an apartment, and it looks more like the house I grew up in than either of those…but oh well. lol.


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