Guilt and Memory – playlist

Tracklist below the read-more, for damned guilty deeds.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

The first three songs fit more with Though this be madness, because the DJ in the shower scene was originally in damned guilty deeds before I cut it out.

I’ve included my notes on songs here and there. If you want deeper breakdowns of song lyrics, let me know- I’d love to go into more detail.

  1. Too Tired to Wink- Ludo (here I am, but this game is tiring and I’m losing sleep)
    Come With Me Now- KONGOS (was taught nothing, just the way I am, the high is real)
    Don’t Play Nice- Natalia Kills (seducing the DJ at a house party, drowning them in the enclosed shower in the bathroom)
    The Wolf- Phildel (high comes down)
    Can’t Sleep, Can’t Breathe- Digital Daggers (these nightmares are getting to me)
    Random Reality Shifts (Descension Bonus Track)- Coheed and Cambria) (is this what I need? why do I feel this?”)
  2. Megalomania- Muse (this consumes me)
    The March of the Black Queen- Queen (Nano)
    Spellbound- Siouxsie and the Banshees (Nano)
    Black Sheep- Gin Wigmore (Nano)
    The Devil Within (Piano Version)- Digital Daggers (something isn’t right)
    Killing the Light- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Die By The Drop- The Dead Weather
    I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge- Five Iron Frenzy (Smith comes home late to an angry Trott and has no idea where he’s been)
    Hysteria- Muse
    Reaper Man- Mother Mother (Smith in the supermarket as seen in chapter 6)
  3. Panic Station- Muse
    I’m Only Joking- KONGOS (catching a kill, GC party) “why do I do what I do”
    Meltdown ft. Lorde- Stromae (in my opinion, this better version)
  4. Sea Fog- Keane
    Lost Souls- Raury
    Forget About What I Said- The Killers
  5. Heaven or Hell- Digital Daggers (how this affects Trott and Ross)
    The Struggle Within- Metallica (Trott)
    The Unforgiven- Metallica (Trott)
  6. Save Me- Muse (in between here and the next song, Smith regains his memories)
    Black Burning Heart- Keane (end credits; up to and including first chorus: Smith before Trott, from there up to and including second chorus: Smith and Ross, from there up to and including the bridge: Smith in “my black and deep desires” and after regaining his memories, the french part: Trott)
    Caves- Jack’s Mannequin (going to be a slow recovery)

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