Supernova – ghostofgatsby

Morning run complete, Ross slips into a Starbucks on the way home. He’s sweaty and probably looks disgusting, face unshaven and hair a complete mess, but Ross just can’t be bothered.
The bell on the door chimes as another patron steps inside. The warmth of the summer air rushes into the cafe.
And with it, Ross’ senses are kicked into high gear.

Ross is happily with Smith and Trott, but then Colin walks into the picture, and his whole world is thrown out of orbit. Suddenly he’s howling after this twiggy son-of-a-twink, and he doesn’t know what to think. His love for Smith and Trott doesn’t change, but he doesn’t know what he wants from Colin. And that’s confusing as all hell.

Rating: Mature

CW?: making out; sexual innuendos, comments, and mentions; allusions to being kinky; mention of knotting as an interest. If I need to tag anything else, let me know.

Colin the journalist is only mentioned in this fic as the brunette from Starbucks, with a bit of description as per the character interpretation of voidalhoneybee.

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