Devil of the Alleys – playlist

Tracklist below the read-more, for to thine own self be true.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

Devil of the Alleys, a mix for the kelpie and the darkness inside of him.
Smith before/meeting Trott

Not entirely happy with this playlist name and content wise, but the songs keep floating around wanting to be put in a playlist and I had enough that they sound good together, I think. I always want to put Double Vision by Foreigner, but it never fits! Check out the extended version live from Ryman Theatre. It’s excellent.

I’ve included my notes on songs here and there. If you want deeper breakdowns of song lyrics, let me know- I’d love to go into more detail.

Follow Me Down- The Pretty Reckless (kelpie song)
Kill of the Night- Gin Wigmore (obviously a kelpie song)
How To Be A Heartbreaker- Marina and the Diamonds (Smith before Trott, catching kills)
Radioactive- Marina and the Diamonds (Smith  just before meeting Trott)
The Outsider- Marina and the Diamonds (am I better on my own?)
Salty Sweet- MS MR (Smith)
Sanctified- The Veronicas (Smith)
Shadow Of Love- Royal Tusk (Smith’s victims falling in his traps, and Smith not knowing his power)
Smoke Rings- Royal Tusk (you’re the one they talk about- charm)
Itch- Nothing But Thieves (spot on, such a Smith song! initially from Siera-Writes’ playlist here)
State of Seduction- Digital Daggers (Smith to Trott, the darkness in them, alter if they left kirin’s court)
Nothing To No One- Gin Wigmore (Smith, being with Trott)
Fear and Loathing- Marina and the Diamonds (I think I’m falling for you)
I’m A Ruin- Marina and the Diamonds (maybe I should let you go)
Jesus Saves- Royal Tusk (Smith’s kelpie life, struggle with freedom and love, fights with Trott)



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