80s-Looking Chinese Restaurant

The other day my friends and I went to get Chinese food at a little place I hadn’t been to before.

80s Chinese restaurant 1

When I walked in, the radio was playing Cyndi Lauper and I was like “This is so 80s.”
It makes me think of 80s/90s fast food restaurants, especially the older styled Taco Bells, Arby’s, and McDonalds. Not a lot of those exist back home, since they’ve torn them down and redesigned them to be more modern.

Which is a shame, really. There used to be a McDonalds with a really cool old muscle car in the center of it. An actual Corvette I think, from the 50s. There was movie memorabilia from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and other big franchises; bubble lights, neon colors, and a huge mural with tons of pop culture things from the 80s. Probably would be popular now, what with the resurgence of Star Wars madness.

Anyway, I had to take some pics, just because. The quality’s kind of weird since I took them with my phone. I would have taken more, but the lighting wasn’t the greatest either, and it’s hard to capture in a picture the feel of the place in every little detail.

80s Chinese restaurant 2

Service was practically immediate. Huge, steaming platter-fulls of rice, chicken, and vegetables. Fried eggrolls and crab rangoon.
With most Chinese food restaurants, you get a ton of food for a good price. My friends and I each got different dishes and shared bits. It was really nice.

80s Chinese restaurant 3

I can totally see Sips and the Garbage Court visiting here. It’s really easy to imagine, them sitting in this tiny little place.

80s Chinese restaurant 4

Edit: now included in a future fic.


2 thoughts on “80s-Looking Chinese Restaurant

  1. Three

    This is so so so perfect. I love it. I love the weird aesthetic. There’s still a taco bell near me with the old 90s look to it and I love it immensely.


    1. ghostofgatsby Post author

      I just had to take pictures when I saw it lol. It’s so interesting to see style change over time, whether it’s in architecture or fashion or something else. My friend and I were channel-surfing the other day and stumbled upon a documentary on The Go-Go’s in the 80s. It seems like fashion and some styles from the 70s and 80s are returning, like lots of neon colors and vibrant clothing prints. Trends and history repeat themselves, but I wish the film industry would stop trying to remake 80s movies already lol.



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