ghostofgatsby in the umyverse

Based off of this post.

I love hearing what everyone sees themself as in the umyverse. So cool! Everytime the community comes a little closer together, I make all these cheesy parallels in my head about the closeness of the characters they create, and how they too overcome their struggles, and how we’re all like our little garbage court, and have all the magic of our city in our own special way.
But enough of that for now ^^.

If I was in the city…hm…
Well, first of all, I’m a very paranoid person sometimes, and I am a self-described responsible party pooper. I am no fun, and I’m the good kid out of my very small friend-group.
So I doubt that I’d ever get ensnared by fae, considering I don’t put myself in bad situations and have stranger danger so bad that anyone who talks to me randomly on the street freaks me out. Who are you and what do you want random person even though I know you’re just being friendly??
I’m probably exaggerating a bit, but meh.

Even though it’s fun to entertain the idea of stumbling into the Garbage Court…probably wouldn’t happen to me.

That’s if I was human. But maybe I’m not. Maybe I’m fae.
As far as supernatural creatures go, I love vampires, and I love the idea of being a phoenix, or something with tons of knowledge at their fingertips.
Maybe a magic user, like a shadowmancer (which in my city is a magician who can manipulate shadows- the word usage of -mancer is probably wrong but meh).
Or, from an alternate umy universe of mine, a lightmancer (which is, conversely, light/neon manipulation).

Ehhh, yeah, I don’t think I’d be fae either. I wouldn’t be fae, because I hate tricking people, and I’m way too generous- there’s no way I’d hold debts or grudges over people.

So…how about the literal way I could go with this- I’d probably be a ghost ^^.
Haunting a library, but not maliciously. During the day, humans catch me out of the corner of their eyes as I pass by, feel a chill in the air, hear random tapping and occasional disimbodied muttering.
Sometimes you’ll catch me in the corners of the windows, or between the shelves. Fae are aware I’m around, and some may come to ask me about the library’s hidden magical resources.
During the night, when the library’s locked up, I watch movies on a big projector. Build forts out of books. Leave ghostly messages on the yellow check-out cards they used to use, suggesting book/music recommendations and noting things other people have missed.
I’ve got knowledge for days, and I help people find things when they can see me. Even if they can’t, I’m the one that puts books right where they need to be, and helps college students find the perfect sources for their research papers late at night.
Gatsby the friendly ghost, basically ^^.
Sure, it’s probably a lonely ghost-life…but helping out people in the smallest of ways would make it worth it.


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