WIP #1

to be or not to be, WIP 11-8-15, chapter 2

This is just chapter 2 of the next chronological part of my UMY series.
And it’s not even final yet…

This fic has gone through a lot of rewriting bits, reorganizing scenes, and figuring out what needs to be added. I think I have most of the chapters figured out at this point…but who knows. Things never go exactly to what I first planned, but that’s okay. It’s a great opportunity at problem solving.
At first it’s frustrating, trying to figure out what you’re missing, but oh so rewarding when you do. This is nowhere near finished, but it’s getting closer bit by bit.

Here’s a little snippet with Trott and Sips. I really like their scenes together in this. I don’t write enough Sips, or enough Ross, in this series, which is a shame. I have plans for backstories, and more fics that include them more, but I want to get some other things done first. Trott and Smith just take up too much of my attention at the moment ^^.

(Pic edited in MSPaint. My raw drafts are never the correct wordcount because I leave my notes interspersed between sections, and this way the very brief text is easier to read.)

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