JOYRIDE Commercial

Before Airlift Drift – Official JOYRIDE Prequel

I really like how this is shot. It’s a Pennzoil commercial, but make the car (a Dodge Challenger Hellcat) dark green and imagine UMY Smith. The aesthetic is great- the jacket, the city, the shop, the arcade…

Or, imagine Smith in a drag racing, super-car stealing AU. Science fiction futuristic style, cyberpunkish, with big divides between two classes. The elite businesspeople, who sponsor the city’s underdogs in street races in exchange for promotion of their products, and the back-alley kids, street racers and thieves, who race for money to get themselves out of the city or something. New York City meets Tokyo, a little bit of Fast and Furious.

Maybe Smith is a really good computer hacker, and Sips takes Smith under his wing after he wins a few races. He offers him a sponsorship for street racing, in exchange for stealing/hacking. Smith’s all for it, but the more he steals for Sips, the more he wonders what Sips wants with all these classified computer files. Gets into deeper trouble than he ever imagined… 13
street racer au

street racer AU Smith


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