If There’s Life on Mars – ghostofgatsby

“You need to fucking stop this.” Trott enunciates sternly. “Stop fucking running your mouth and getting yourself into trouble. Next time it happens, we’re not picking up the pieces.”
Smith glares back. “And what about all that shit we said before, huh? The three of us against the world, or not at all?” His voice cracks a little and he swallows thickly.
Ross sighs and shakes his head, defeated. “Against the world, sure. Just not the universe, I guess.”

Smith has dreamt of space since he was young, thrilled at the idea of living on other planets and travelling the solar system. But the journey to get there has been harder than he ever expected. Through his aeronautics training and his life with his best friends-turned-lovers, nothing in life has been easy since.

Rating: Mature

CW: Fighting, Arguing, Bruises, Insults, Anger, Anger Management Issues, language as per usual only more aggressive towards each other instead of other people, crappy problem solving, mention of homophobia, one use of a gendered slur?

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