Orders – ghostofgatsby

“Do you understand me, private?” Trott asks, voice stern and laced with iron. “I will not have disobedience, not from you, or from your tart-mouthed lackeys.”
Ross purses his lips together, holds his tongue, as Trott circles him again.
“If you keep up your horrible disregard for the rules, you’ll have my foot up your ass faster than you can blink.” He states bitterly.
Ross hears Trott stall his steps behind him, heavy boots shuffling to a standstill.
“But not to worry, private…” Trott murmurs, voice softening in tone as he strokes a leather-clad finger down Ross’ spine. “I’ll whip you into shape.”

Rating: Explicit/NSFW

CW: BDSM and sex. Miitary Kink. possibly a bit of humiliation, see Author’s Note. If I need to tag anything else, let me know.

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