Urban Magic Yogs Characters

brief descriptions of/headcanons about my UMY characters
from my series “I’d kill for you. I’d die for you, I’d live for you.”

cw: mentions of fae manipulation, drowning, death, and knives.
If I need to tag something else, let me know.

The Garbage Court:

comprised of three fae beings who look to be in their mid twenties,
and one middle aged male human in a baseball cap with an embroidered crown on it.

Smith kelpie from the Northern lochs.
Smith left his lake home and ventured South along the river that he calls his own. He stayed around the city for a few decades, and then went East to the sea. This is where he met Trott. He and Trott lived in the city for several decades after that, and then Smith found Ross in an abandoned church, and brought him home.
His bridle has been a ring of keys since he found his dark green Dodge Charger. He mostly spends his free time driving around the city, charming people and drowning them for the adrenaline rush.
auburn hair, green eyes. lean and not overly muscular. stereotypical greaser.
vain, raucous, reckless
compassionate, easygoing, friendly

Trottselkie prince from the kingdom under the sea.
When Trott met Smith, he was exiled from his selkie clan because of his fraternizing up on the shore. He went with Smith to the city and has been there ever since. After Ross joined their group, Trott proposed the idea of forming a fae court. He’s the mastermind behind most things dealing with their court status.
Very proficient with knives. His selkie skin could be used against him like Smith’s bridle could for Smith, but Trott couldn’t return to the sea even if he wanted to.
Owner and founder of Dirty Deeds, a magical sex shop. Also does charm-work and barters magical power on the side, to supplement his court’s income, and to increase the magic that keeps it going.
brown hair, blue eyes. wiry and thin. stereotypical “twink”.
cautious, secretive, bitter
attentive, intelligent, cunning

Rossstained glass and marble gargoyle from an abandoned church.
Ross left with Smith when the kelpie burnt down his church and formed a magical bond with him. His gargoyle features have slowly become more human over time, the longer he’s spent with Smith and Trott (though he still retains the stained glass horns, tail, and…genitalia). Together with Smith and Trott, they formed the so-called “Garbage Court”.
Ross is very artistic, and always interested in learning about the world. Despite technically being older than the rest of them, he is often seen as the most innocent and childlike of the group.
black hair, blue eyes. broad-shouldered and muscle-y. sort of a Greco-Roman sculpture.
steadfast, thoughtful, witty
naive, loyal, brooding

Sipsmiddle aged mortal businessman, current ruling king of the Garbage Court.
Smith picked Sips from the crowd one night at one of the Garbage Court’s New Years parties. The rest of the court liked Sips’ company so much they decided not to kill him. Days turned to weeks, turned to months, and thus Sips’ rule has never wavered.
Not much is really known about who Sips was before he met his court. All Sips has said is that he moved to the city for university, graduated, and set up his dirt company. Despite Sips’ status as a king of a fae court, he’s still a CEO, and goes to work nearly full-time. Also part of a bowling team on the occasional weekend.
black hair which is slowly becoming salt and pepper, gray eyes. gangly. stereotypical dad.
nonchalant, charismatic, determined
lazy, unconcerned, blatant

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