Where The River Meets The Sea – playlist

Tracklist for here lies the water, here stands the man, below the read-more.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

The relationship between the two water fae, from when they meet, through their lives before meeting Ross.

I’ve included my notes on songs here and there. If you want deeper breakdowns of song lyrics, let me know- I’d love to go into more detail.

Rotten Town- Ludo (Smith, before meeting Trott)
I’ll Never Be Lonely Again- Ludo (Smith meeting Trott)
Drop Out – The So Unknown- Jack’s Mannequin
Promises of No Man’s Land – Blaudzun (Trott </3) “our heart feels like a foreign land, a land that’s safe from torment”
Escape- KONGOS (Troffy) “so why don’t you come away with me, my love, we’ll do what it takes, I’ll keep you safe, why don’t you stay by me, and when the time comes we’ll escape”
Flaws- Bastille (Troffy)
The Whiskey The Liar The Thief- Patent Pending
Between the Bars- Chris Garneau
Please Don’t Say You Love Me- Gabrielle Aplin
Bones- The Killers (Troffy)
Weight of Living, Pt. 1- Bastille (Trott)
Nothing Else Matters- Metallica

and from the pre-Ross fics:

Chances Are- Johnny Mathis
This River is Wild- The Killers
Jenny Was A Friend of Mine- The Killers
Written in the Water- Gin Wigmore
Any Cold Wind (Sweet Selene)- Blaudzun (Troffy)
Silenced By The Night- Keane (Troffy)
The Hazards of Love 2 (Wager All)- The Decemberists (Troffy pre Ross)
What The Water Gave Me- Florence + The Machine
Breathing Underwater- Metric (Troffy)
Here I Stand- The Ballroom Thieves (Troffy)
To Hold And Have- The Dears (Troffy)
I’ll Keep You Safe- Sleeping At Last (Troffy)


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