March 11th (2015 to 2016)

Though I first fell into the creative ideas of UMY in November of 2014, and wrote something for it in January 2015, I didn’t really get into it until March. This was when I started participating a little more in the fandom, and when I started watching more of the Hats’ content.

For me, everything for this series began the week of March 11th, 2015.
Headcanons about Sips’ mortality; thinking about a kelpie and his motivations.
wear your rue with a difference was posted because I couldn’t get the ideas out of my head, and over the next few days, so many more ideas were made, started, and completed.

Google Docs has recorded that several ideas for the series began in March:

The start of the plot arc, within the hollow crown…, was written, as was the basic plot of boundless as the sea and the entirety of my black and deep desires.

Two in-between ideas which have never been finished, (and probably never will be), were created: blood will have blood and he that dies pays all debts.
(Which is Trott taking revenge on those who took the hit out on Sips, and Sips and Ross going to a vespers service, respectively.)

Ideas for here lies the water… have been around since last year, too. Quotes for the title for this fic came first, on March 11th, when I was looking for titles for wear your rue with a difference.

The ideas that started the epic damned guilty deeds… first appeared in March. It blows my mind that a paragraph became 30,000+ words five months later. And today it’s my most well-liked fic ^^. So unbelievably cool.

Ideas for Ross’ backstory and Sips becoming king were started as well, and those are stories that someday I’ll get around to finishing. Like Trott’s backstory, they both require a lot of time to think, and there’s so much to them that I have to figure out how I want to orchestrate it .
(and, well, chronologically, the current conflict is more interesting)

Skimming through my Google Docs, the progress I’ve made amazes me. I’ve gone from a page of rough ideas to a novel’s worth of completed fic.
In just one year.
Mind blowing.

Thanks for sticking with me, and joining in along the way. Some of you readers who have commented or given kudos have been around since the beginning! I’m just as grateful for you as I am the new people who have binge-read my fics in the span of a week (but thank you all in particular).

I hope you like where it’s going. The more I write, the more attention I get, the more I wonder if you’ll be satisfied with the end. If you don’t like where it goes, I don’t mind that either. It’s completely okay to like part of a series and not all of it. Any support is great.

I’m really glad I’ve been able to contribute to this AU, and that my work has gotten the attention it has. The creativity in this fandom deserves more respect than it gets. I’m not going to stop writing what I want to, and I’m not going to let the talents of so many people get shoved under the rug. Sure, I don’t deal with any drama because I’m not on tumblr, but I’m not going to stop supporting everyone who wants to create.
People don’t write perfect stories, because life is not made of perfection, or one perspective. You can be wrong, you can have differing opinions, but ignorance isn’t going to make you smarter or more mature. Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.

As much as the UMY AU means to me, I’ve written things outside it as well. In fact, I wrote more one-shot fics than UMY ones from March 2015-March 2016. From the high school AU one of these things is not like the other, to the domestic, warm farm AU Fields of Gold, to the so-fluffy-it’s-sickening bakery/chocolatier AU Sweeter Than Chocolate, and all the smut, kink, and other fics in between.
(My favorites of 2015 that aren’t UMY are probably Good Boy and Fields of Gold. UMY? boundless as the sea.)

It was one of the best decisions I made, to start writing again and share it, and I’m not going to regret that. As long as the words keep coming, I’m not going to stop anytime soon.

From March 2015 to March 2016, I’ve written and completed 30 fics total. 12 in my UMY series, 1 UMY fic outside of my series, and 16 non-UMY fics. (this is, of course, with me overlooking headcanon/prompt posts, original work, and two early fics with Will as one of the main characters…)

But once again, thanks for everything.
We’ll see what March has to say next year, yeah?

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