Respect – ghostofgatsby

“Tell me, private. Why are you being punished?”
“Because I broke the rules, sir.” Ross answers.
“But why, exactly, am I punishing you?” Trott asks again.
Ross pauses. “…because I deserve it, sir.”
“Good.” Trott murmurs. He clears his throat. “Let it be known, private, that if you keep breaking the rules, you’ll be needing more extensive remedial training. But perhaps this little lesson today will remind you of your place…”
Trott’s gloved hand momentarily strokes down Ross’ spine, rubbing his back, and pushing his shirt up to his shoulder blades.
“Beg me for it.” Trott orders, pulling his hand away. “You want my touch, then beg me. Beg me to punish you.”

Rating: Explicit/NSFW

CW: BDSM and sex. Miitary Kink. possibly a bit of humiliation, see Author’s Note. If I need to tag anything else, let me know.

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