Songbird – ghostofgatsby

Smith mounts the stage and walks into the spotlight where a mic beckons for him.
The air is humid from the concentration of people in the room. Every inhale he takes is thick with incense and smoke, and it makes him dizzy.
But he can’t faint on stage. The magic prevents him from it.
Smith slowly wraps his hand around the microphone before him. His fingers slide down the stand. He can feel the magic start to stick to him, collecting, waiting to pull everything his has out through his song. His stomach twists, because he knows what comes after a stellar performance- pain and a broken voice.
But Smith opens his mouth and sings.

Rating: Mature

CW: fae? manipulation (it’s magical, not sure if it’s fae-related or not), manipulation, abuse; mentions of violence, death, and blood, smoking
If I need to tag something else, let me know.

Read on Ao3


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