WIP #2

“How would you like to be king for the night?”

I’m excited about this. It’s going to be good. Mostly done, though I still have the sex scene to write. Foursomes, yo. What the hell do I do with all these dicks?!


2 thoughts on “WIP #2

  1. N8 (cookiesandkatanas)

    Oooh I’m excited for this! There are never enough death raves fics imo. At least, that’s what I’m guessing this is, right?
    I totally feel you with the “too many dicks” thing, in my death rave wip I’very been stalled on the sex too. You’d think writing the sacrifice as a girl would help, but foursomes are just /so much/ choreography.
    Good luck with writing, I look forward to it!


    1. ghostofgatsby Post author

      Thanks, I’m glad you’re excited ^^. This is a death rave fic, in a sense, buuut it doesn’t actually end in death since this is the night Sips becomes king. I don’t know if I’ve written a “true” death rave fic, considering /creatures of the night…/ was pretty tame compared to some others.
      And ahh, the moresome conundrum. Despite tagging Shatsome in Explicit fics, 13 fics in and I haven’t written them banging each other. Hahah. The hard part is coming up with who is doing what /and/ keeping it varied. Too often when trying to write a shatsome foursome they all end up in the same position. Whoops…guess I’m just predictable hahah. It’s hard to keep so many people involved and have it be physically possible.



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