UMY Playlist Recommendations

I was browsing through the UMY music tag on tumblr, and I find it really interesting that so many people share similar songs on their playlists. The early playlists I created borrowed some songs from early creators on 8tracks, so I think it’s only fair that I recommend them here.
(If you’re the creator/owner of the playlist/tumblr blogs and want me to remove the links, just let me know.)

Firstly is my favorite, Garbage Court: Kill of the Night by quibber-quills. [tracklist here]

The playlist starts off with the classic Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore, which after multiple playthroughs was my go-to kelpie Smith song for a while. Throw in some Muse and The Killers- well, that’s just speaking my language. I put this playlist on repeat whilst writing the early works of my series. Many artists on this playlist would wind up influencing my own, especially Guilt and Memory, for damned guilty deeds.

Secondly is the object of the ongoing game by emeraldlight. [tracklist here]
Several of these songs made their way onto Guilt and Memory, too.

Thirdly is by god you should have seen us (also by emeraldlight). [tracklist here]
Some of these songs made their way onto Where The River Meets The Sea.

So yeah. I encourage you to check out the tag on tumblr, the fandom tagged stuff on 8tracks, and Spotify.  Listen to what interests you. You never know, though, you might find an artist or band or song that you really like and didn’t know existed. I think it’s cool how similar and different tastes the people who have contributed to this AU have. Makes for some frickin’ fantastic playlists, that’s for sure.


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