Erotica Writer AU

More headcanons. Have some barely edited AUs that probably won’t get fics anytime soon, but are great ideas nonetheless. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

Trott is a kink erotica novelist, who’s secretly never done any kink or sex. When he runs into his old friends Smith and Ross at a party, they drunkenly-but-seriously suggest he scene with them. Angst and feelings ensue.

…this ended up waaaaaaaay longer than I anticipated…much, much longer. honestly, I should just polish it up and finish the thing…but that would take more character development, and effort that I don’t want to put in right now. If anyone’s wondering what my in-progress stuff looks like, it’s somewhat like this. Just with less actual sentences.

cw: VERY NSFW. virginity. bdsm. dirty talk. brief mention of drinking, bruises/marks. misunderstandings and arguing. silly, filthy, kinky sex. rope bondage.
roleplaying, impact play, brief mention of somewhat dub-con situations in crappy erotica novels but no actual situation present, brief mention of using a belt.
If I need to tag something, let me know.

All kinky book titles are fictional, as fictional as this fic-headcanon stuff is, and they are not in any way related to any real books with similar titles, or the real life people the characters are based on.

song for the angst? I dunno, it just sounded really good as background music while I was typing all of this up: The Wreck- Delta Spirit

Trott is a kink erotica novelist, with several best sellers. He’s very proud of the fact that his work is applauded by both the kink community and writers for being factually accurate and well-written. His books are steamy, character-varied forays into a whole range of kinky activities…

There’s just one problem:

He’s never actually done any of it.
He’s never done a single kinky or sexual thing in his life.
It feels like a giant lie, and it stresses him out when people commend him for being so open about his sexual interests…when he’s not. He’s just hiding behind a pen name.
It’s not exactly that he never wanted it, it just…never happened. Sex wasn’t that important to him, but yet society puts so much pressure on “experience”.

So when Trott runs into an old couple of friends at a party, who drunkenly suggest they scene together, Trott takes them up on the offer. He knows it’s going to end terribly, but if he can get the issue of his first time ever out of the way, maybe he won’t feel so cheap.

Trott has Smith and Ross sign an agreement not to talk about his love life to the press, and then they talk kink.
Smith is really forward about what he wants in bed. “I’d really like it if-” “-like in your book, A Heavy Hand, A Tender Touch-” “I’m totally into the idea of-”
Ross is more reserved, but adds in things he likes to the conversation.
Through the entire meeting, Ross and Smith are so comfortable with each other, and Trott. Ross’ arm around Smith’s shoulders where they sit across from him in the back corner booth of a mostly-empty cafe. Smith stealing one of Trott’s cookies to dunk in his tea. Smiling and joking with each other. They all used to be friends, so it’s easy to talk to them and catch up. It helps ease some of Trott’s nerves. He’s taking this opportunity because he doesn’t think anyone else would offer- and this way, it’s with people he trusts, who won’t just be a one-night stand. But even so, Trott is uncertain. He goes through a list of his dislikes, and then his likes, once they’ve gone through safewords and aftercare routines and such.
“All of this is…somewhat of a speculation.” Trott says once he’s finished negotiating.
“What do you mean?” Ross asks.
“Well…” Trott pauses. Their eyes are watching him carefully. Here goes. “I’ve never…I’ve never actually…” He swallows thickly. “Done any of this before. I’ve only written books. I have all the book smarts about kink and sex, but none of the practical experience.”
“Wait…what? So you’ve never…” Ross trails off.
Smith sits back heavily in the booth, staring with a shocked expression on his face. “Seriously?
“Nothing? You’re fucking serious?” Smith’s tone is bitter and Trott winces internally. Here’s where everything goes to hell. Of course.
“Well, I mean-” Ross tries to interrupt, glancing at Smith and then back at Trott.
Trott sighs. “I know that’s sort of strange, but-”
“You’re just- you’re just a fucking fraud.” Smith stammers in confusion.
“Smith.” Ross snaps warily.
Trott opens his mouth and closes it again.
Smith shoves his way out of the booth, muttering to himself. “I can’t fucking believe this.”
“Smith- where-” Ross tries to stop him, frowning. Smith grabs Ross’ arm and tugs him behind him out of the cafe. “Wait a minute-” Ross tries to protest, and gives Trott an apologetic look. “Trott- I’ll text you?” He asks on his way out the door.
Trott watches them go and says nothing. He turns back to his cold coffee and sighs. That went about as well as he expected…

Smith is angry about it, but Ross is more understanding. Ross texts Trott later, apologizing.
I’m sorry about Smith.
Trott frowns at the screen. Yeah, well. That’s Smith. Jumping straight to agitation and salt. His phone goes black before Ross texts him back, little green light blinking in the corner. Trott takes a deep breath, unlocks his phone and reads the message(s).
Smith had this fantasy of you. Of this…experienced, sexy writer of steamy erotica. I told him real people are always different. There’s nothing wrong with that- and there’s nothing wrong with you for not being as experienced. I’m not judging you for it.
I know what it was like…Smith was the one who got me into all this kink stuff. I know what it’s like to go from knowing nothing to doing everything on your yes-no-maybe list. At times I still feel awkward about it all.

Look, lets take a week or two. To think this thing over. I don’t want you to feel pressured into something you may not want.
Smith feels like he’s been played. Badgers Ross about it later, aggravated. Ross eventually talks him out of his mood once he’s finished ranting.
“Think of it this way-” Ross says once Smith has had a sit down and a cup of tea. “Would you have scened with me if you thought I was experienced, but wasn’t?”
Smith sighs down at the tabletop. “Trott’s…I don’t know. With him, I just…”
“I know it’s a bit different, because Trott isn’t me. But if we’re doing this thing…there can’t be inequalities.” Ross leans across the table and folds his hands over Smith’s. “Smith. You can’t judge him for being inexperienced. Since when do writers have to have actual experience in everything they write about? I seriously hope the people who write about murder mysteries haven’t murdered people for their fiction.”
Smith takes a deep breath and groans, resting his forehead on his and Ross’ hands. “Fuck. Fuck. I’m a hypocrite.”
“Yes, dear. You are.”
“Oh, fuck you, smarty pants.” Smith mutters, grumbling to himself. “I guess I should apologize, then…”
“You should. You really think Trott would judge you if your positions were reversed?”
There’s a pause.
Smith lets out a long, loud “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.” “Hand me my phone, would you?”

Smith met Trott in high school, went off to college with him to get an English degree, and is now a high school English teacher. Ross met Trott in college, and after doing teaching abroad for some time (I’m thinking he’s an English/Japanese dual major or something. Probably an anime nerd), has returned to live with Smith in the city. He works as an assistant professor at one of the nearby colleges. Smith and Ross met through Trott, but both lost touch with him after college graduation.
Smith had a major crush on Trott for years but figured Trott wasn’t into him. Years later, he reads Trott’s books and his crush returns full force. His high school best friend who was his nerdy, adorable crush for years grew up into a hot and kinky professional writer? Fuck yeah, he’s into that.
Smith, skyping with Ross when he’s teaching abroad, reading aloud hot passages out of Trott’s books. And wanking. Furiously.

Sorry I’m an asshole. Smith texts Trott. I just think with my dick too often, I guess.
Trott stares back at the text message instead of trying not to be miserable watching late night tv. Nothing I didn’t know already, Smith. You’ve always been a dick-butt. He replies with a small smile.
Ha-ha. So funny. Twat.
Trott snorts. Smith texts again.
I really am sorry, though. Ross talked sense into me.
So I figured. Trott says back.
He was right. That was hypocritical and rude of me. I really shouldn’t have stormed out. Or made such a big deal. I feel like a giant ass, and I’m sorry because I probably hurt you.
The text leaves a bitter taste in Trott’s mouth. It’s a few minutes before he replies.
Yeah. You did.
Trott turns off the tv. His apartment shifts into the silence of the city at night, and he walks through the darkness into his bedroom. He turns off his phone and falls into bed.
It’s a strange thing, to talk to people you used to know and pretend you’re the same, to pretend you’re alright with everything that went on throughout your lives. The future reflects back on past mistakes in a way that makes Trott’s heart ache.

Their next meeting weeks later at the cafe is somewhat awkward at first. They fill the silence with the sounds of eating, and Trott chews on his lip angrily, trying to focus on the music overhead and not the sound of Ross noisily eating a donut.
“Are…are any of your books fantasies of what you like?” Smith asks slowly, munching on a scone.
Trott sips his coffee. “All my books are fantasies, Smith.”
“Well, yeah, but-” Smith rolls his eyes. “Which one’s your favorite? Which one would you replicate if you could?”
Trott smirks. “In Chains is pretty great.”
Smith smiles back. “So you’re into that?”
“I only write what I’m into, Smith.”
“That one’s really fucking hot. We should do something with it.”
“That’s a good idea, actually. We could replicate one of the scenes in your books.” Ross adds in.
Smith moans loudly around a bite of his scone. “I’d be fucking into that. Hell yes.”
Trott snorts. “Some of the scenes are completely unable to be replicated. It’s fiction.”
“Yeah, but,” Smith lowers his voice. “The roleplay idea of that is seriously fucking smoldering.”
Ross hums thoughtfully and brushes crumbs off his hands. “We don’t have any chains at home…”
“We’ve got plenty of rope.”
Trott smirks. “You know, there’s one thing we haven’t touched on.”
“What’s that?”
“Who’s doing what.”

“I’m kind of nervous about this. I don’t know if I’m ready for a heavy, roleplay-intense scene.” Trott tells Ross the day before. Since Ross will be in charge, the two of them meet up for late breakfast on a Thursday morning, after Trott’s publisher’s meeting and before Ross’ English lit course.
“That’s fine. We can do something silly. We don’t have to follow anything you’ve written in your books, Trott. We don’t have to roleplay at all whatsoever.”
“I want to. I just want this to be good.” Trott says. For you two. And for me. He thinks.
Ross smiles. “I’m sure it’ll be great.”

Trott is nervous in an excited way. Smith and Ross make out with him after dinner, the night he comes over to their place, before they scene. “We can just have sex, and not scene.” They tell him. “Or scene, and not have sex. Or scene and have sex, and not roleplay. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.”
Trott breaks from kissing them, bright-eyed.
“All of it.” He replies. “I mean, what we talked about before. As long as both of you still want to. Then yeah.”
“I really want to suck you off, so whatever we do that includes that, I’m all for it.” Smith grins.

Trott is pretty satisfied just from kissing. The feeling of Ross and Smith’s lips against his, or them leaving marks on his skin, is pretty damn fantastic.
But he also wants more.
It’s scary, but exciting. To want, and actually get.

It’s sort of crazy, too, that Trott can remember sitting at his desk after he was done writing, wanking over the scene from In Chains where the protagonist is chained up to a pole and seduced by their captor. And here he is- in not quite the same situation, but it’s hot and thrilling, in the best way.
Ross ties Trott’s arms behind him to the bedpost of his and Smith’s four-poster, using rope the color of gunmetal but as soft as feather down. He’s wearing a black button-up shirt and slacks, with gel in his hair, and a faint dusting of stubble on his cheeks. Ross presses up against Trott as he ties his hands, kissing him gently and temptingly. Body heat radiates through their clothes.
Trott wants to put his hands in Ross’ hair, kiss him harder, suck a bruise into his throat. He can smell Ross’ cologne, and it makes him want to use his mouth wherever Ross will let him. The scratch of stubble against Trott’s cheek is like static on his skin, and it sends little shivers down his spine. The rope anchors him from drifting off into the sensations of whatever this is. But it, too, feels better than he expected it would.
“Good? Color?” Ross asks when he’s finished, pecking a kiss to Trott’s lips. He pulls his hands back from the rope and rests them on either side of Trott’s waist.
Trott nods. “Green.” He makes eye contact with Smith over Ross’ shoulder.
Smith smiles at him.
Trott looks back to Ross.
“You can stop everything at any time.” Ross reminds him. He kisses Trott’s cheek. “Still okay?” His finger trace mindless patterns through the hem of Trott’s t-shirt.
“Yeah. I’m good.”
“Great.” Ross smiles. He moves away from Trott and assumes his role.
Trott tries not to smile too much. They decided on a way more cheesy roleplay than what he’d written for In Chains. Ross was supposed to be the “evil torturer”, and Smith was his “mindless slave”. Which of course results in over-the-top cackling.
Ross bursts out a macabre evil laugh, which Trott has to try hard not to laugh at in jest back.
“At last! I’ve captured this deceptively kinky man!” Ross says in a evil-overlord-sounding voice. “I think we should give him what he wants, shouldn’t we, minion? Hmmm?
“Ooooooh, yes, master.” Smith moans overly-seductively, and bats his eyelashes. “I bet he’s dying to be seduced.”
Trott laughs. Ross can’t keep a straight face. Smith is grinning, too.
“Minion, I command you to give our captive the best blowjob he’s never had!” Ross barks, muffling a giggle at the end of his sentence.
“Oooh, of course, master.” Smith moans again. He saunters over to Trott and sinks to his knees.
Trott laughs again. His heart thuds in his chest as Smith’s hands stroke up and down his thighs.
Smith looks up at Trott through his eyelashes, making quick work of Trott’s jeans. He smiles eagerly and takes Trott’s dick in hand.
Trott inhales shakily, head knocking back against the post as Smith strokes him slowly.
“Fuck…” He murmurs in reverence.
Smith smirks and licks a long stripe up the underside of Trott’s dick.
Trott shudders. “Oh, fuck…” He repeats. “Oh…oh fuck…”
The ridiculous roleplay pretense falls away entirely as Smith goes down on Trott. He teases the head of Trott’s dick with his tongue and lips, sucking wetly and moaning around him. His mouth is wet and hot and wonderful and Trott’s melting against the bedpost. There’s a tremble in his legs. He groans long and loudly as Smith starts bobbing his head, sucking along the length of his dick and slurping lewdly.
God.” Trott blasphemes. “Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”
“Feels good, doesn’t he?” Ross asks lowly. He kneels on the bed behind Trott. His hands come to rest on Trott’s hips. They stroke his skin, and push up under his shirt. Nails dragging lightly across his chest. Rubbing a nipple with his thumb.
Trott gasps and moans again as Smith swirls his tongue around the head of his dick.
“He looks good, too, doesn’t he?” Ross continues. “And so do you. Hard, and hot, and heavy on his tongue.” He kisses and nips at Trott’s neck, voice murmuring dirty, sinful things in his ear. He’s good at the dirty talk when he’s not trying hard to be pretentious. Ross whispers breathily about how hot and wet Smith’s mouth is, how skilled he is with his tongue, about the choked moans he makes when you fuck his throat. Breath hot against Trott’s ear, Ross wonders aloud how Trott tastes in Smith’s mouth.
“Shit, fuck-” Trott stutters. “Smith- Ross,” It’s so fucking good. “‘m- fuck-”
“Go on then.” Ross encourages him. He kisses the side of Trott’s neck.
Trott comes with a low groan, thrusting weakly into Smith’s mouth.
Smith swallows around him, and then draws off and licks his lips. He sits back on his heels and smiles up at Trott’s flushed face.
Trott pants weakly, eyes half-lidded as he slumps against the bedpost. “Holy fuck. Damn.” He stutters.
Ross unties his hands, stroking his skin, checking for any burns. talking lowly with him. Smith does up Trott’s pants again, and helps him lay down on the bed. “What about you two?” Trott asks, at once a little thrown off that both Ross and Smith are obviously turned on and still clothed.
“We’re alright.” They share a smile. “Do you want to watch us?” Ross licks his lips.
Trott smirks and scoots backwards to recline properly back on the bed. “Yeah. Why not.” He’s shaking a little, can’t believe the fact that that actually happened. That it wasn’t terrible (he didn’t think it would be, but…)
Smith grins. Ross and him kiss deeply. Trott guesses Ross can probably taste him on Smith’s tongue. He shivers at that fact.
Smith and Ross part. Smith gives Ross a look, and crawls up to kiss Trott while Ross shoves off his and Smith’s pants.
Smith whining and moaning above Trott as Ross fingers him. Ross guiding Smith back so Trott can get a better angle on them. Trott reclining on the bed with his arm under his head on the pillows. Ross fucking Smith, both watching Trott as they do. Smith and Ross both groaning Trott’s name long and loudly when they come. Much to Trott’s somewhat post-orgasm embarrassment.
After they’re done, they clean up, and Smith and Ross cuddle Trott afterwards. They talk. Ross strokes his fingers through Trott’s hair while Smith snuggles into Trott’s chest. Ross and Smith lace their fingers together over Trott’s stomach. Trott’s warm, and comfortable. Sated. It’s strange. He can’t believe it was as good as Ross and Smith enthused. Mind you, it was just a blowjob, and some bondage. But…it was something. It was a starting point. And Trott really wants to do it again. To do more things.
The uncertainty presses in on him before he falls asleep. Maybe this was just a one-time thing for them. Maybe they don’t want to do anything else. Maybe they don’t want to fuck him. (Maybe they only want to fuck him.)

Trott expects the satisfaction to fade in the morning. But it doesn’t.

Morning comes. Smith and Ross wake before Trott does, and share some feelings to each other while Trott sleeps. Something about it feels nice, very nice, about having Trott in their bed between them. Smith wants to kiss him awake, like he does to Ross every morning, but he holds himself back. Maybe this is only sex and kink to Trott. It doesn’t mean he wants to keep doing this. It doesn’t mean it’s anything more than that.
Ross makes breakfast, and they all talk some more before Trott leaves. They ask him if he’d like to scene with them again. Trott says yes. Hoping that maybe this is…something. Something different. Maybe it’s not so fruitless as he thought. Maybe he’ll get something more out of this than just people to fuck and scene with.

It’s several months before they scene again. Because Trott has writer-convention-things to do, and Ross and Smith have classes to teach and papers to grade. Smith and Ross spend a lot of time talking about Trott, and the three of them spend a lot of time just texting. Talking about their lives. Reconnecting, on an even deeper level than before. They were friends before they grew apart. Now they’re growing into something more.

The first scene was something silly. Something to start them off into doing more kinky activities. When Trott scenes more with Ross and Smith, it slowly becomes a bigger thing than he thought it would be.

I’ve been writing a lot lately. Working on something new. He texts them one afternoon. And I had a few ideas that maybe…we could try out?
Fucking sign me the fuck up! Yeah :DDD! Smith texts back.
Ross replies seconds after. Cool BP. What did you have in mind?

Smith bound and gagged on the bed, Ross teaching Trott how to fuck him.
Fuck, Smith, you’re so fucking tight.”
After Trott comes, pulls out, panting, standing with his hands on his hips. Ross removes the gag from Smith’s mouth and kisses him.
“Sloppy seconds, Ross?” Smith asks with a grin.
Ross grins back. “You bet.”
eats Smith out, fingering him until he comes across his stomach, head thrown back in the pillows as he moans. Ross licks that up, too.
“Fuck, Ross, you’re filthy.” Trott tuts.
Ross laughs.
Smith just smiles, blissed-out.
Ross is hard, and Trott jerks him off.
“Fuck, you’re- fuck, yes– so good.” Ross groans.

“Hey, Trott. What’s the book title going to be? With the scene we just did?” Smith asks, washing his hair and shuffling for space in the shower with Trott while Ross steps out.
Trott chuckles and runs a hand through his wet hair, reaching for the shampoo. “Hmm…I’m thinking I’ll call it…Too Busy To Talk. Make it an office AU. Throw in some phone sex scenes where the protag is getting blown under their desk while they’re taking a conference call.”
Ross snorts and dries himself off. “You have such a dirty mind, for being an inexperienced person.” He says, voice muffled as he runs the towel through his hair.
“That’s how it is, mate.” Trott replies with a smile. “It’s always the quiet ones that are the kinkiest.”

Ross and Trott doing impact play. Trott on his hands and knees on the bed. Ross introducing him to a variety of things. Spanking him with his hand, and then a little bit with a paddle. A belt. Taking a break while Smith coaxes Trott to blow him. Kissing, cuddling, trailing their hands over a blissed-out Trott.
Trott wants more. It feels good. It hurts, but in a strangely good way.
They drink some water and eat some snacks before continuing.
Ross guides Trott over to a door, and Smith holds his hands pinned up above him, while Ross gives Trott a taste of a flogger on his back, and a crop on the back of his thighs.
Trott so blissed out his limbs feel weightless. Leaning heavily against Smith’s chest. Drifting along when they’re finished, as Smith and Ross clean him up and tuck him in bed between them. Talking the next morning over a giant breakfast, and cuddling on the couch playing rounds of Mario Kart.
Trott is surprised he’s been there for almost a full day, when lunch passes by and soon it’s getting to be late afternoon. He admits that he likes spending time with them. The sex, the sceneing is great. He’s glad that they’re taking their time with things, too.
Smith and Ross share that sentiment. They reassure Trott that he’s more than welcome to spend more time with them. Sceneing, sex, or otherwise. He’s not just an accessory to their relationship. The three of them are equals in this.
It’s the first admission aloud, that all three of them make, about their feelings.

A few months later, Trott is working on writing. He finds his mind straying, and he leans back in his chair, fantasizing and thinking about scenes to do with Ross and Smith. He expresses interest, and hesitation, about domming instead of having Ross be in charge.
Well, you could Dom Smith with me ;P. Ross texts back.
Fucking seconded!!! Smith agrees.
Trott smiles, and starts planning things.


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