the writing process:

me: *opens Google docs*
*starts working on UMY*
*gets distracted by referencing aesthetic pics*
*opens kink fic, starts working on that*
*stops to browse Spotify*
*opens a list of ideas, reads through that*
*gets distracted for an hour or two re-reading old work*
*starts working on small idea*
*small idea becomes more than a page, cut/pastes to it’s own word doc*
*works on that some more*
*gets distracted finding weird tags on ao3*
*works on that new idea some more*
*winces at things I should probably finish*
*looks at all the open tabs*
*closes all of them but one*
*almost focuses in on the thing again*
*needs a drink but is too lazy to get one*
*is tired but probably won’t fall asleep if tries*
*considers doing the laundry that needs to be done*
*goes back to browsing other ideas, and not actually finishing anything*
what was I doing before all this…?

*cut/pasting ideas to my blog to make posts*
*goes back to browsing fic ideas*
I should finish some of these…


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