Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows – ghostofgatsby

They kiss for what seems like an endless amount of time, grinding with the beat of the music. The man’s lips are tempting, and every moan that spills from them is music to Sips’ ears.
Sips leans their foreheads together when the kiss breaks, and stares back into darkened green eyes.
“How would you like to be king for the night?” The young man whispers hot against his ear.
Sips pulls his head back and raises an eyebrow. “King for the night? Better be some damn good servitude,” he says smoothly.
“Oh, trust me-” The man winks, his eyes shining in the neon above. “There will be.”

Rating: Explicit/NSFW

CW: fae manipulation, drinking, knives, blood, blood drinking, mentions of scars and death/murder. also, Trott cuts Sips’ palm in the ritual. I wasn’t quite sure what to tag that as, but that’s in there too. If I need to tag anything else, let me know.

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