all the ships go BOOM

So I’ve fallen into Hamilton-Hell. Lets talk ships and AUs! (come join me!)

The fics on ao3 are delightfully kinky.

Like, come on, subHam, domBurr, finally getting Ham to shut the fuck up.

Where’s the military kink GW/Ham, with Ham on a leash?

other mixed AUs (non-kink related) below.

Romeo and Juliet adult Philip/Theodosia AU. because we all know Lafayette = Mercutio

modern War AU, Ham shaving his head and joining the army/recruiting, poor child’s opportunity for law school and a future.

college AU, where Burr is the RA and a TA and Ham just wants to impress him. professor Washington. come ON, YES. Burr and Ham fighting for Washington’s affections over essays. leaving notes/letters on doors/under doorways. frenemies.
everyone on the floor are law majors, and argue/vote on monthly hall activities.
King George is the crappy Assistant Hall Director.
Madison is the awkward-but-funny goth kid with the single room.
Jefferson, the straight-edge guy who is oblivious to everything crazy that happens in the hall and is hardly ever there, shares with
Lafayette, the very flamboyant, gender-neutral, poly person.
Hercules Mulligan is the older grad student dad figure making sure nobody’s died during their crazy floor parties.
John Laurens, who has to drop out part way through. they all bond over complaining about the expensive tea in their dorm’s/the law building’s cafeteria.
Burr getting woken up by three of his residents coming home, dragging a drunk and bar-fight-beaten-up Ham behind them.
King George and Washington having a bad breakup and King George cracking down on hall policies.
Angelica is the supportive bestie,
Eliza is casually dating Ham but they also encourage each other to see other people.

basketball AU
Coach Washington looking for a point guard
in-fighting between Ham, Laurens, Mulligan, Lafayette and Burr, Lee, Madison, Jefferson
locker room shenanigans
Ham always getting into trouble bad-mouthing anyone who dissed himself or his team or his coach or his school.

“Hamilton is magic” I thought to myself
*slams hand down*
Harry Potter AU, where u at???
Minister of Magic Washington, Dark Lord King George
Aurors Hamilton and Burr


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