I used to read a lot of online webcomics back in high school, so the minute my deviant art account hit 18 I started trawling through the Mature Content that was originally blocked. I think, though I’m not entirely sure, that this was when I started reading more about kink and bdsm. So then I found Sunstone, by Stjepan Sejic (aka shiniez/nebezial).

Sunstone is the story of Ally and Lisa, online-friends turned kinky playmates, who realize their relationship is closer than they expected. I can’t begin to describe it, really, because saying it’s a love story or hot lesbian bdsm erotica really doesn’t do it justice. It’s funny, hot, heartwarming, and a genuine look at the challenges in relationships and bdsm.

Sunstone is currently ongoing, too! It updates pretty slowly, but it’s worth it for such beautiful art and story. And, though this arc with Ally and Lisa will be coming to a close, the author will be writing two more arcs after this. The next one I believe will be titled Mercy.

You can read ALL of Sunstone on deviant art (here’s chapter 1). Buuuuuut all the pages are under Mature Content warnings, and unless you have a deviant art account that’s 18+, you’re going to have to put in a birthday every time.

The other downside is that the first few chapters on deviantart are in a very rough, not so great state. The finished, published work is SO pretty, and worth the money in my opinion.

I mean, just look at this! The comic only comes in paperback volumes right now, but the pages are glossy, full-color, and gorgeous.

Here’s shiniez’ post about where you can buy Sunstone online.

Amazon currently has free shipping with at least $25 of books, and I’m all about free shipping.

Excuse the camera strap in this pic. I deleted the one without it, for some reason.
I chose this page because in it, Lisa’s writing fantasy fiction, which starts devolving into bdsm smut, and the librarian catches her staring zombie-like at the screen mid-drool. Been there, done that. Just…without a librarian or anyone else noticing.

I devoured volume 1 in a few hours, so my only caveat is that I wish I had the rest of them to read. And that I feel bad for bending the pages because they’re so pretty.
The story does start out kind of porn-y and cheesy, but seriously, if you like your kinky stories to be silly and relatable, this is it.

Seriously, I can’t recommend this enough. It’s great.


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