Gargoyle Ross Glass Manipulation

What if Ross could manipulate glass into weaponry?

cw: weapons, knives, injury, violence, blood

I was briefly skimming a list of super powers, and came across “Hyalokinetic Combat” which is glass manipulation or “the power to use glass in physical combat”.

And I thought, duuuuude, how cool would that be? What if Ross was basically a glass bender?

flying shards of glass

melds some of it when healing wounds or making tiny figurines

imagine Ross smashing windows and using magic to form glass into a javelin, which he sends flying through whoever the attackers are. Ross with the power to form weapons from blast-resistant glass.

forming a beautiful set of knives for Trott
Ross can’t be harmed by glass blades since he’s partially made of it

encasing other things in glass- making a giant warhammer out of glass and stone, bashing skulls in.

give me a Ross who’s a magical, glass-manipulating, badass gargoyle
give me a Ross with a beautiful stained-glass greatsword
give me a Ross who becomes a warrior
some headcanon Ross once had wings, so what if he practiced his magic in hopes to remake them (until making up his mind that he never should have had them in the first place, embracing this “fallen” path he’s taken)

what if Ross left the church on his own, breaking the ties he had to the church by himself? what if Ross sought to scourge the earth for whatever moral compass he chose to bring upon it?
what if Ross didn’t hate the water that poured down his back when it rained, and when his bloodshed ceased, looked instead for a place to clean the red from his marble body?
(what if that place was a well?)

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