Shipwrecked On An Island AU

More headcanons. Have some barely edited AUs that probably won’t get fics anytime soon, but are great ideas nonetheless. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

the trio get shipwrecked on an island.
Cast Away meets South Pacific meets Survivor

cw: injury/illness. mild cannibalism jokes. lizards. joke ab0ut lizard pimps. mention of sex.
If I need to tag something, let me know.

Smith of course is the one who arrived first
a little weird, because he talks to himself
totally went all Tom Hanks. bearded.
built himself a hut/house and has a good system

Ross arrives second, washed up on shore, sick. dehydrated. wound on his leg. could get infected. took off his shirt and tied it round it. pale English boy. no survival skills whatsoever.
squinting into sunlight. phone’s dead, crack down the screen. “well, shit.”

Ross stumbling through the underbrush, comes across Smith and screams
Smith doubles over in laughter
“fuck, please kill me before you eat me.”
panic, trying to scramble away, wounded leg not doing him any favors
Smith helps him up, rambling haphazardly about shit, using a walking stick Rafiki-like. leads Ross back to his hut.
scoops up a coconut from the pile, cracks it and hands it to Ross. “drink. slowly. you don’t want to vomit out your insides.”
Ross sitting down on a makeshift stool, leg stretched out. as the sun goes down, Smith roasts some fish in the fire and then does his best to clean up Ross’ leg.

Smith trades with the locals in the south for supplies, floating to the next over island on a raft. was originally a history and anthropology major/child of missionaries/knew multiple languages. had a nervous breakdown from all the societal pressure and fucked off to the middle of the ocean. been there for 2.5 years.
talks to the lizards, who come and go from his house. lizard king. big ol iguanas.
“The biggest one’s named Randy.”
“Pimp of the gecko’s mate. Gets all the lady-gecko action.”

Smith and Ross indulging in casual intimacy. touching, kissing. laying in hammocks, watching the sun set. sloppy hand jobs.

Trott arrives last, in a storm.
creak of the trees in the wind, whipping of palm fronds on the side of the hut. roar of the waves.
Smith and Ross scavenging the beach for anything of use. careful of critters buried in the sand. Ross finds Trott, they carry him, unconscious, to the hut.

Smith has the adventure skills
Ross has the science and engineering skills
Trott has…?


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