Is there anything in my UMY series that is a giant plot hole?
Are there any plot points that need to be filled?
I know I pushed the problem with Sips from within the hollow crown under the rug, and that will come up again, so I’ll fill that in, don’t worry. I’m also planning to add more with the Garbage Court’s rivalry with the Sidhe Court. I know that’s something I have to add more to.
But is there anything else that’s missing?

(while I’m in the mood of filling in things, I’m wondering if there’s anything I’ve missed)

Do you have any questions about stuff? Is there any missing scene you’d like to see? Do you have any questions like “Hey what happened to X after Y happened?” or “You mentioned X as a problem and then it never came up again. What?”

Anything that will happen chronologically I probably won’t answer, as far as what happens next or how it ends, but if any of you have questions about the world and how it works, let me know, yeah? Worldbuilding is fun!

(Additionally, if there’s anything I can add/change to this blog/how I post to make it more accessible/interesting, leave your comments!)



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