All For A Box of Thin Mints – ghostofgatsby

Come on, Sips, open the fucking door.
Ross tucks the clipboard under his arm and nervously tugs down the hem of his skirt. He really hopes Sips’ neighbors don’t see him standing outside on the porch, for fuck’s sake-
Sips opens the door, clad in sweatpants and an open dressing gown. His hair is rumpled like he just got out of bed, and there’s a lit cigar in his mouth.
“Um- Good- good afternoon, sir,” Ross roleplays awkwardly, “I’m stopping by to ask if you’d like to purchase any cookies today. All proceeds go to-”
“Do you have thin mints?” Sips asks blatantly. Ross nods. “Then I don’t fucking care about why. Come in and shut the door behind you.”

Rating: Explicit

CW: smoking cigars, inappropriate usage of a mock scout uniform, very mild humiliation? slightly uncomfortable, awkward situations?, roleplaying, crossdressing? but clothing doesn’t have a gender, really…
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