Writer AU Questions: UMY

Questions from here.

Alternate Universe of choice: UMY

Writer AU Questions:

1. If you had to summarize this AU in a few words/short sentence, what would it be?

magic, mayhem, and found families

2. What made you start thinking about/headcanoning/creating in this AU?

seeing everyone else’s work

3. What do you think is the greatest challenge writing in this AU?

Other than time/effort/ideas/outside life factors/in-character-ness/creative or unique plot ideas/smut (which are what most people say)…I think it’s balance, for me. I’m never satisfied with writing just heartache and no fluff or just fluff and no heartache when it comes to this series. So I always want to make the balance right, and adding scenes or fics to get that right is hard.

4. What do you think is the easiest part about writing in this AU?

There’s a lot already there to play around with, so many ideas and versions of ideas to take inspiration from.

5. What’s your favorite thing about this AU?

How it’s such a strange combination of weird and wonderful things, and how there are so many different interpretations. I love that. I love seeing what people create and come up with.

6. Favorite character in this AU?

Mmmm, I think it’s gotta be Smith. He’s so different from me, and I think that’s what drew his character to me in the first place. There aren’t many fics that take his pov on things. He’s so fun to write, too. I get to play with a lot of different situations and emotions when I write him, and I enjoy that a lot.

7. Do you ever include easter eggs or inside jokes in your stories?

Yes, in a sense. Maybe not “easter eggs” per say (the only one I can think of right now is Turps’ karaoke-ing in Misery acquaints…), but I do put in bits of hidden foreshadowing sometimes. I always think it’s really vague stuff that no one will notice. Or really blatantly obvious stuff that I wonder if it’s TOO obvious. I have no way of knowing either unless someone says, so…*shrug* who knows.
For example, there are two very dark, very vague hints, in here lies the water… and Misery acquaints…, that I don’t think anyone’s seen. It’s only obvious to me because I know what the future holds.
There are certainly some personal inside jokes in some of my work, but not so much in this AU.

8. Favorite usage of symbolism?

There’s the running “Smith is a demon” thing in my series. No, he’s not actually a demon.
Most of this is used in damned guilty deeds… but I’ve also sprinkled bits in other fics.
It plays at a lot of big questions. Do all acts of wrongdoing lead to evil? Is a person defined by their past actions and mistakes? Is redemption possible? I don’t personally know the answers to those questions. The demon symbolism has sort of a religious aspect, what with the “fallen from grace” thing that Smith currently has going on.
But the murder isn’t the problem so much as the wrath, in a sense. Trott kills people, too, but his faults don’t lie in that. Smith gets in over his head, and that’s what ends up hurting those he cares about.
That’s why he wants to stop murder-fucking people. Not necessarily because he thinks murder is wrong. But obviously, his perception of his mistakes (and the way I write it) is influenced by outside factors. For Smith, his perception is changed by the depression he deals with, Ross’ ideals from the church, Trott’s initial anger over the situation, and just how badly things were distorted in damned guilty deeds
Smith’s murder-fucking became an obsession for him, so much that he was blind to how that charm could personally affect him. I guess I drew parallels to demons because of how Smith kills, but I can’t really articulate why that is.

9. What do you expect to be well-liked in this AU? What do you expect to be disliked?

That has been hard for me to pin down. It’s hard to judge short-term what fics are popular/what ideas people like the best. Most people nowadays stick to the kelpie-selkie-gargoyle-mortal king ideas for the Garbage Court. Stuff that’s different, or uses other characters, doesn’t get as much attention, unfortunately.

10. What do you draw inspiration from when creating for this AU?

Besides life experiences and the creations of others in the AU, hm…
Magic in movies I saw and books I read as a kid, and that same child’s wonder and imagination. I was very creative, and had a love for adventure and action and mystery. All of which I like today. I try to instill a little bit of that when I write, because it’s often that adult-me wants to be a pessimistic hermit complaining about the crap of the world, instead. So, that, combined with all the mythology/science/adult knowledge I have today.

11. What would you love to see written by someone else in the AU, that you wouldn’t write yourself?

Hm, this is hard, too…
More umy:rythian, perhaps. I love the character and I’d love to see more with him. There was some umy:lalna stuff once with eating words from books. That was cool! More stuff like that.
I guess I’d like to see different and more stuff. More stories that take the commonalities and turn them on their head. To put it simply:

12. What do you want for this AU in the future?



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