Writer AU Questions: wispverse

Questions from here.

Alternate Universe of choice: wispverse (alter UMY)

Writer AU Questions:

1. If you had to summarize this AU in a few words/short sentence, what would it be?

Mythology, neon gold magic, and 1800s meets David Bowie’s Labryinth

2. What made you start thinking about/headcanoning/creating in this AU?

It’s a spinoff of the regular umy-verse. I was thinking about what if Smith really was the prince of the loch like was joked upon in creatures of the night… and after listening to covers of Dark Horse by Katy Perry, made Trott a wisp. The lyrics actually helped inspire the first scene, as well.

3. What do you think is the greatest challenge writing in this AU?

Slow burn romance. Also, feeling bad for leaving out Ross. Again.

4. What do you think is the easiest part about writing in this AU?

I think the easiest part, once I start working on it in earnest, will be all the world building. I’ve done quite a bit of that already. I love it a lot.

5. What’s your favorite thing about this AU?

The world, and how different it is from the regular umy-verse. I sort of want to give the city a steampunk vibe, kind of like what magic AUs pre-UMY were like in this fandom. I love the magic, too, and writing magic is SO COOL. I don’t do it enough.

6. Favorite character in this AU?

I love all the little side characters. And I love Smith, and I love the kelpie queen.

But- it’s Trott. Absolutely Trott. He’s so cool, you guys. SO COOL.
He’s a wisp who can manipulate light energy and make neon gold light into shapes and stuff. And he’s an ex-magician. I love him a lot.

7. Do you ever include easter eggs or inside jokes in your stories?

I do plan on making tiny references to my regular UMY series.
There’s also a Lusty Walrus joke.

8. Favorite usage of symbolism?

There’s a LOT of symbolism in this. Birds and light are the biggest. There’s also symbolism in what the characters are. And freedom and mistakes are big themes in this.

9. What do you expect to be well-liked in this AU? What do you expect to be disliked?

I know the people that love Troffy will like it. I am always very stereotypically romantic with those two, and this AU is most certainly that. I mean, it’s slow burn, for Pete’s sake. There’s gonna be pining and angst and arranged marriage and hand holding and dancing and parental judgement. So you can see why it will take me a while to write.
Disliked…hm. Well. Ross, and the lack of him. And depending on how I write it, if the story’s too dark or not dark enough.

10. What do you draw inspiration from when creating for this AU?

-the 1800s and the Industrial revolution
-Gothic literature
-French and English architecture
-Slavic myth
-Harry Houdini, and the age of entertainment in which he lived; magic shows
-a little bit of SOI’s airship-styled Mistral City that we never got to see too much of
(not entirely sure if that’ll end up in the final product, though)

11. What would you love to see written by someone else in the AU, that you wouldn’t write yourself?

Nobody’s gonna write in an AU that only I know all the details to, especially not when there’s no representation of it on tumblr and not many create for the regular-verse.
but- anything. Magicians. So cool. More magician Trott. Yes. If anybody wants to talk about it, hit me up.

12. What do you want for this AU in the future?

To write the thing.
I want it to be really good, too.
I hope I get there.


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