random Star Wars headcanon

Hundred Year Storm- Sarah Spencer
She looks like Rey from The Force Awakens
Rey living in Nashville trying to make it as a singer/songwriter. Has a background with country and folk, and a bit of bluegrass. plays little bars and coffee shops, has a small apartment and tries to stretch tips to make bills. eats at soup kitchens. ran away from foster care at a young age. doesn’t have many friends, no family that she knows of. she used to believe maybe her parents would come back for her, but no one ever did. got tired of waiting. moved to Nashville, because Han Solo was a big-time country/rock star in the 70s when he was young. Now he occasionally signs aspiring talents to his co-owned label, Organa Sky. Leia is the one who runs it now, and keeps to herself after Han moved to LA.
Rey starts up a Youtube Channel and Patreon. Produces an acoustic guitar song per week. Way more outgoing in videos than in person. Very shy in person. Awkward.

I’m not in this fandom, but I didn’t want the idea to go to waste. I’d love to see something written but I don’t know what I’d do with it myself. So.

I Don’t Love You Anymore- Sarah Spencer
What Doesn’t Kill Me (crappy audio)
Drinking Game


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