Kitchen AU

because the recent vids were oddly soothing to watch. and I love me some Food Network shows, and food.

cw: smoking, cursing as per canon, mention of knives
If I need to tag something, let me know.

“Get out of my way, you ass.”
Trott, the saltiest chef. “I worked my ass off for this job, so get the fuck out of my way.”
Don’t piss him off when he’s sharpening the knives.
Smith’s just the dishwasher.
Ross is an assistant chef. Mainly chopping ingredients up and prepping side dishes.
Every break, they escape the heat of the kitchen and step outside into the back alley for a smoke. It’s the only time Trott seems relaxed. The minute he steps back into the kitchen he’s barking orders and shouting.
Ross got Smith the job here, but Smith can’t cook for shit. Also, it was Ross’ job to deal with the rat in the kitchen. He may be keeping it as a pet, instead. Feeds it scraps off of the returned plates.
“Why is Trott so pissed off all the time?”
“This job is stressful. Can’t blame him.”
One day, an expensive client orders a specialty dish- one of the dishes that are hardly made, and a recipe that Trott hates making.
So he changes it into his own.
The client of course thinks it’s fantastic, and asks to speak to the chef. Trott’s so unbearably nervous he thinks he’s going to pass out. The man at the table is the renowned SipsCo CEO. He’s very impressed with Trott’s take on the dish. Offers him a job to be the chef on his expensive yacht. Gives him his business card and tells him to call if he’s interested.
Trott returns to the kitchen, dizzy and flabbergasted. The paycheck alone would be a reason enough to take the job.
On break, Trott tells Ross and Smith the good news.
“Fuckin’ solid! Congrats, mate!”
“Does he need a sous chef and a bus boy, too? I want to go work on a fancy yacht…”


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