Faster, Higher, Stronger – ghostofgatsby + threeplusfire

Ever since he was a child, Trott has dreamed of making it to the Olympic stage. Pushing himself to his limits in competitive swimming, he is determined to reach the highest point of athletic achievement: the gold medal podium. But goals aren’t always so easy to get to. Trott finds that the greater challenge lies in balancing his life, meeting the demands of his sport, and following his heart.

(a chatfic collab with Three. reblog tumblr post for chapter 1 here.)

Rating: Mature

CW/Tags: romance, sexual content, stockings, light bondage, biting, bruises, minor injuries, stress, bad parenting, absent parents, minor character death, parental death, loss, guilt, grief/mourning. If we need to tag anything else, let us know.

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