constant as the northern star – ghostofgatsby

Smith wakes to a shaking bed and an over-excited gargoyle. The mattress is sliding back and forth in the bedframe like an earthquake has started in the room.
He regretfully peeks his eyes open. Ross is shaking the bed by the footboard, with his hands pushed under the mattress to get a good grip.
“Smith, wake up! We’re going camping today!”

“I don’t want to go back…” he sighs loud enough for only Trott to overhear, “but I have to.”

Or, Smith and the rest of the Garbage Court go camping, and despite this being a vacation for everyone, there are things they hold onto that don’t quite disappear.

Rating: Explicit/NSFW

CW: sex. bad horse-fucking jokes. neither of which are in the same scene.
mention of drowning/dead bodies, mention of scars, brief mention of blood and bloodstained clothing. very minor depressive mood, but it’s mostly shown as unease/uncertainty/agitation. there isn’t much of that. it’s more implied than anything.
If I need to tag something else, let me know.

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