for always – playlist

for the broken and the damned, for the sunlight and the shadows, for the past and what’s to come. healing is never easy.

Tracklist below the read-more, for constant as the northern star.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

I’ve included a few notes on songs here and there. If you want deeper breakdowns of song lyrics, let me know- I’d love to go into more detail.

some songs originally to be used for future fics other than this one.
I thought about making a remix playlist for damned guilty deeds/to be or not to be, but the camping fic and forward needed something.

Muddy Waters- LP (Smith, Trott, damned guilty deedsto be or not to be)
Point Out the Sun- Bailey Williams & The Cherannes
Wolves Without Teeth- Of Monsters And Men
Which Witch- Florence & The Machine (Smith, damned guilty deeds, to be or not to be; future fic)
Our Own House- MisterWives
Take It Away- Butterfly Boucher (camping, Smith looking at the river actually clean and thinking of those years ago when it was only he and Trott and wishing…all these things, and now, everything’s changed and things are scary)
Sunburn- Muse (guilt is something to carry)
Unsteady- X-Ambassadors
Love Will Make Me Stay- Butterfly Boucher
Silhouettes- Of Monsters and Men
Day Will Come- Keane
I Want You- Flagship
Refractor- Painted Palms
I Belong To You- Muse (Trott and Smith?)
Northern Lights- Kate Boy
Keeping Me Alive- Bob Moses
Bad Dream- Chloe Howl (things keep going, and there is always an upside)


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