Elder Smith AU

Clearing out the WIP/rough drafts in my Googledocs that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

This one started as a flipped Persephone myth, and ended up a mix of Latter Days and The Book of Mormon. Except not as sad or offensive, respectively. Takes place in San Fran’s Castro Gay Neighborhood, with Mormon door-to-door people.

cw: Internalized Homophobia, Religion, seduction, kissing, sex
If I need to tag something, let me know.

the Persephone myth is something like this:

Persephone meets Hades, who sucks her into the underworld, and then she’s told not to eat any food. buuuuut Hades probs seduces her, she becomes his wife and eats 6 pomegranate seeds. Her mother, Demeter, grieves, and that’s the explanation for the seasons/winter to spring (6 months in the underworld, 6 months in the overworld). It’s supposed to symbolize fertility and seduction. but what if we flipped that a bit?

where Persephone chooses to stay with Hades, chooses to “eat the fruit”
except the fruit isn’t fruit, it’s…indulgence

autumn breeze, warm California sun.
winter was on it’s way, but San Fran wouldn’t feel it
it did mean the end of missionary work here, and a trip south to spread God’s word
Smith unclips his helmet, checks his map on his phone
while the page loads up he tuts at his shirt tails peeking out of his pants, stained from the pomegranate juice he spilled on it earlier. tucks the bunched fabric down further. he’ll have to fix it later.
looking up at the prominent rainbow flag hung outside a bar.
unzips his black backpack for flyers, somewhat ashamed, chewing his lip.
tall man with dark hair and a fair complexion exits the bar, beatboxing and looking at his phone.
Smith startles back from the doors, flyers grasped in hand. the man pauses and looks up.
“Oh. Hello.” he has gorgeous blue eyes
“Hi.” Smith replies shortly. he launches into his memorized spiel to shake the awkwardness. “Um. hello, my name is Elder Smith, and I’m hanging flyers in the neighborhood here, for a BBQ we’re having.”
“I see…” the man looks him up and down, licks his lips. Smith pretends not to notice.
“I-If you have any interest at all, please, I encourage you-” He stuffs a flyer into the man’s hand “bring your friends and meet us”
The man smiles, tinge of bitterness in his eyes. “I’m not looking for a savoir.”
“but our lord and savior always has a place in his heart, even for the darkest of sinners.” pause “um. anyway…there will be drinks and pizza, and it’s an open block barbecue by the church. so, lots of games of cornhole and other fun activities. outside our church on west street, big white building, you can’t miss it!”
“Can’t miss it, huh?” chuckle. “Well…how about this…” the man folds the paper and puts it away in his impossibly tight jeans. “I’ll go to your party thing. But I’d like to ask you a question first.”
“Uh, shoot.”
“May I kiss you?”
“May I kiss you?” sympathetic smile “Cute Mormon boys don’t come here often just to put up flyers.”
“N-No. No, thank you.” can feel himself blushing
“alright.” shrugs. “my name’s Ross, anyway.” holds out his hand.
can’t be impolite. Smith shakes it. “Elder Smith.”
“pleasure to meet you, Smith.” he smiles.
cute. he called you cute.
this is wrong. this is wrong. shoves it down, bury it. disgusting. the sooner you leave this environment, the better you’ll feel.
“I have to go.” backs away, scrambles for his bike.
“hey, wait! there’s a party here tonight. want to join me?”
“No, I don’t think so.” he shakes his head and pedals as fast as he can away from him.

At the BBQ, Ross shows up, all dark presence in dark jeans and bikers’ leather.
Trott doesn’t trust him. he keeps looking at Smith all night.
When Smith leaves, Ross catches up with him while some of the others clean up.
“I went to your thing.”
“you did.”
“can I ask you another question?”
“is it the same question?” Smith asks carefully
Ross smirks. “No.”
“okay. go ahead then.”
“do you want to go to the party next weekend? you turned me down last time.”
good opportunity to meet more people. open more hearts and minds.
“um…yeah. alright. where at?”
“Tartarus. the club you were outside of.”
“oh! okay. I’ll uh…I’ll meet you there.”

at the club:
“you look out of place!” Ross shouts
Ross tugs Smith’s tie loose. laugh “loosen up, Smith, have some fun! you want a drink?” hands on his shoulders, and all Smith can focus in on is what it feels like to have Ross’ hands on him.
He shakes his head “We’re not supposed to drink!”
“fine, then. water? juice? Coke products?”
“got it!”
Ross leads him effortlessly through the crowd.
“you know this place like the back of your hand.”
“yeah, I own it.” Ross grins. “it’s a pop up bar.”
they dance all night. Ross walks Smith back towards his apartment.
“here’s far enough. I wouldn’t want…”
“right. well. did you have fun?”
“I did. surprisingly.”
“great.” Ross smiles
Smith feels lighter than he has in a long time.
“Smith?” Ross asks, “May I kiss you?”
“yeah.” feels so comfortable

and then he kisses him 5 more times, getting progressively more intimate with Ross

Ross texts him
Smith getting reminded about religion
meets up, feeling guilty. look, I know you probably had good intentions, maybe, but-
kissing after getting froyo

tell me about you
walking through the park

kissing goodbye again

sex, kissing, fucking in Ross’ little flat above the club

when Smith comes back, he smells of someone else’s shampoo
Trott knows. threatens to rat him out.
“this isn’t right”
“Trott, listen to me-” pleads
“we we’re supposed to go South together, Smith! missionary work is my life. I thought it was yours, too.”
“we can help you. we can get you help.”
“Trott. please.”
“don’t do this to me, Smith. I don’t want to lose my best friend.”
“you won’t!”
“then confess.”
“tell our pastor.”
“I can’t, Trott-”
“if you don’t, I will.”
going to confession
bit cuts off with him telling the priest what he’s done.

comes back with him sitting outside the church
Ross pulls up on a motorcycle.
“hey, lonesome. need a ride?”
“Ross.” lifts his head. “what are you doing here?”
“I’m going on a trip. I travel around a lot, setting up pop-up bars and clubs, and never stay long. you want to come with me?”
“I don’t know.” Smith smiles, looks across the street at where he stayed.
“up to you.” Ross shrugs.
Smith asks and then kisses him, when winter finally sets in. he gets on the back of Ross’ Harley and drives off, up North along the coast.


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