I would not wish any companion in the world but you – ghostofgatsby

Trott and Smith run off together, living in abandoned buildings and crappy apartments, walking late at night, and exploring the city. They build a new life together, and despite it’s ups and downs, Trott enjoys himself and his life more than he ever has.

A collection of one-shots, drabbles, and notes on the lives of the water fae before a court, before Ross, before Sips, and before it all comes crashing down. Through the waves of rivers and seas, they are each other’s anchors and the current that keeps them close, no matter how unsteady.

Rating: Explicit/NSFW/Mature/Teen/Mixed Ratings

CW: sex, fae manipulation, drinking, knives, blood, death/murder. tags and cws vary for each chapter. If I need to tag anything else, let me know.

Read on Ao3


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