Obedient Servant – ghostofgatsby

Alex stands up, shaking his head and scrambling the papers on the floor into his arms. “I can’t, Burr, I’m sorry- I just can’t,” he continues.
“Tests are coming up next week. I have a month until I graduate and my grades can’t be what they are now. They’re not bad, but if I can raise my gpa just a smidge higher, then I can-”
Alexander,” Burr snaps, and Alex loses all the breath in his lungs at the dominant tone in his voice.
His hands shake where he clutches a stack of student papers. He has papers to grade, he has things to do, but Burr wants to dom him right now? Is he serious? How is that going to solve-
Burr holds out his hand. “Make me a list, Alexander,” he says.
And it’s an order.

Alexander Hamilton’s mind runs faster than the speed of light. Sometimes, all that overworking only serves to make him a mess of a man- and Burr gets tasked with picking up the pieces.

Rating: Mature

CW: depression, bdsm, anxiety and self esteem issues. if I need to tag anything else, let me know.

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