Nothing At All – ghostofgatsby

Ross and Trott had left hardly ten minutes ago.
Smith can feel the itch under his skin. The tug of memories he didn’t want to think about gets harder to ignore. The things they did, the organ harvests, the death…
He needs the Zydrate high to take it all away.

A self indulgent, somewhat trashy, look at what Repo!Smith does in his free time.
(inspired by Nate’s/CookiesandKatanas’ Repo!Hats AU)

Rating: Mature

CW: drug usage, mention of death; injections, so I guess technically mention of needles, though I picture the injection tool more like a glue gun in looks; a rather sexually submissive drug high; fantasy of sex while high, in which all parties would know what was occurring and consent, but note that no one can actually give informed consent while high, in that regard
If I need to tag something else, let me know.

Read on Ao3


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