Thoughts on the Mortal King

Sips’ role as king:
-what holds them together
-simultaneously king of the alleyways and of the bowling alleys.
-the conduit by which the magic is transferred
–break him, break the court– no longer a threat
-seen as a threat by the Sidhe court
–how do they threaten kd’s rule?
–being a general nuisance
—(power hungry fae lord doesn’t like to share)
—GC ran into Will at least once, early on when he arrived in the city
—by then, he was already under Kirin’s thumb
—pre “within the hollow crown…”
-any attacks against Sips would make the GC more on edge.
–higher security, but finer weak points.
–people use a chess metaphor in this AU for a reason
—at the beginning of the game, white makes the first move:
—Will, the pawn; Kirin, the white queen
—Sips, the black king; Smith, the knight; Ross, the rook; Trott, the bishop.
—the game is over if you take out the king…or is it?

Sips goes through a lot of changes before he meets the GC.

Trott…is another character who goes through quite a lot of change. Yes, my series (currently) focuses on Smith and his arc of change in particular, but Trott has gone through a lot of character development over his time with Smith, Ross, and Sips. He wasn’t exactly the same when he met Smith vs. when he met Sips vs. now. I know who he is, and it’s important to know where he was before.

I also find it interesting, that when I think about Sips as king, I think of Trott.

To know the mortal king, first know the fallen prince.

Trott, who’s known royalty, has been royalty, has a royal upbringing. He doesn’t try to persuade or…coerce or nudge…for Sips to be a “true king”. Because he doesn’t want that. Nor does Smith. They will not bow to no lord, no king, no ruler over them…they don’t want Kirin or the like.

What does Sips think that means? To be king? To Trott, what is a king?

These ideas they each have, are they different? Or are they the same, just with different experiences/perspectives?

The thing is, is that Sips wouldn’t take being a king seriously. It’s all a joke, a game, when they crown him. It isn’t until the ritual ends that he realizes it’s not. He doesn’t realize until then that oh shit. this whole thing? could have taken a much darker turn than it did. He knew what he chose wasn’t smart…but he didn’t know how big of a choice it was. He doesn’t really realize what it all means, but the longer he reigns, the more he begins to catch on.

To his court, there’s a dichotomy to being a garbage king of a fae court- all that glitters is not gold.
Sips doesn’t know what he’s doing, really.

But he slowly sort of becomes what his court needs, as time goes on.


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