alter UMY: Arranged Marriage AU

The water fae have been at war.
And to form a truce between the rival factions- river, and sea- they must wed.

Aka, another AU upon which Troffy happens.

cw: mentions of violence, war, murder, death, scars
If I need to tag something, let me know.
this makes me think of fabric
because the top looks like beads delicately strung together
out of seafoam-colored sea glass or something, like a shawl

beaded shawls/scarves:$_1.JPG?set_id=880000500F$(KGrHqV,!q0FJh(dQHOQBSeIVHsC8Q~~60_1.JPG?set_id=880000500F

To the selkie tribe, the arranged marriage is a slight on the kelpies- their eldest selkie prince is weak, and they are better off without him.
To the kelpies, it is a chance at peace- the selkies are vicious, and the kelpie’s resources in the war are dwindling. They are not sure how much further their drive for justice goes.
The war started when kelpies encroached on selkie hunting territory. The selkies didn’t take it kindly, and lashed out, killing many. And to that, the kelpies took their revenge.
The war has raged ever since.

Trott agrees to the truce because he has no choice. He has a duty, as a prince, but his life is one without many freedoms. Maybe this will be the escape he needs.
Smith agrees because fuck it, why not. He’s not in love with anyone- any “lovers” he had were killed by the war, or abandoned the herd for better locales- so it doesn’t matter what he marries for. If the truce will end the terror on his people, then fine. It’s a good enough reason.

Warrior Smith, scarred and brutal in his fighting, and renowned for it. has bone-white marks criss-crossing his sides and torso, from the wounds he’s suffered during the war.
He meets Trott the first time when they’re to be wed. Trott coming up out of the ocean with his selkie clansmen.
And the kelpies murmur and burble behind him.
Trott’s thinner than the rest of them. Weak? This is who they send to marry one of our best fighters?
But Smith sees beauty in him. There’s a fierceness; a determination in his eyes. And if there’s anything the war has taught him, it’s that nothing is ever as it seems.
Trott is very cold, cynical, brusque, and stand-offish.
Smith isn’t sure how to handle him, but thinks he’s interesting.
And meanwhile, peace isn’t just about marriage.

possible selkie armor options, so imagine:
sleeves/bracers made of fish scales/
gauntlets of fins/spines/
pauldrons of shells

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