personal chef AU

Random headcanons/AUs that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

Trott as Sips’ personal chef at his Southern estate.
Was this going to be food porn or actual porn? I just don’t know.

cw: nothing? food?
If I need to tag something, let me know.

fresh strawberries
homemade whipped cream
angel food cake he’d baked earlier
Trott licked his fingers free of sugar and finished layering the trifle dish
He looked out over the kitchen island
baked chicken breast with fresh parsley, garlic, and basil from the garden
every vegetable and fruit was grown locally, thanks to SipsCo’s many farms
spinach salad with hard-boiled eggs, caramelized onions and mushrooms, and a red wine vinegar, mustard, and bacon dressing

southern style kitchen
big house with a sprawling front yard
breeze blowing through the open french doors that led into the backyard. conversation trickled inside with the wind. Sips entertaining his guests.
Trott washed his hands, double checked everything was in place. just as he was about to fetch Sips, he walked through the door.


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