Random headcanons/AUs that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

secret aaagent laaads!

It’s day 19 of fandom advent 2016 today, and I realized this was something I could post.

cw: past injury
If I need to tag something, let me know.


Agent Smith
newest agent to be inducted
pole dancer/stripper/dance instructor
extremely flexible
amateur model and suspension bondage rope bunny
floorwork expert
he’s charming when he needs to be
(but actually quite shy)
other agents show up when he’s doing a dance routine for one of the classes he helps to teach at the club
“Come on ladies, lets run it through one more time-”
*clears throat* “Mr. Smith?”
“uh…yeah? that’s me.” half paying attention to the girls and the other half on the men in suits
he applied to work as a spy as a half-drunken joke, and is actually sort of surprised that they want him. but…sure. it would be dangerous, but what else does he have here? he’ll get to travel. see the world. do important work.
but Smith is so out of his league
there’s a lot he doesn’t know
and some of the agents wonder why he was selected when he’s woefully under-prepared…

Smith goes to San Francisco even though they’re in MI6 and MI6 is British
Trott picks him up from the airport
drives out into the countryside
to a house up in the hills
where there’s lots of fog
a fancy house with a Japanese garden and an outdoor shower
Sips is their retired handler/assignment-giver, though he doesn’t do much spying anymore himself because of his knee injury. the house they stay at is Sips’, though. Ross and Sips sleep in the same bedroom, and Trott and Smith each get their own rooms.

Agent Trott.
sits on his bed, crosslegged on a bare mattress
reading Art of War by Sun Tzu and using a hand grip strengthener in the other hand
window open, letting in a cool breeze from an autumn night, listening to the chirping cicadas of the late summer
Bruce Lee poster on his wall
seems very detached, less emotionally involved in his occupation. Ross is the friendlier of the two, unless they’re all on a mission.
Trott was recruited just after graduating college (approx age 22), and went through the training academy before being assigned with Sips. he gets rather stir crazy, and is quick to snap when agitated- something the agency wants to work out of him by leaving him with Sips.

Agent Hornby
Smith first meets him when he’s sparring with another agent in the center of the training mats, judo-throwing people over his shoulder
shirtless, low-slung sweatpants, ankles rolled up, barefoot
kickboxing, wrapping his knuckles
(obligatory Lewis Tan links:)
Sips is his bf, a retired agent with a knee injury, who mock-complains-whines for Ross to help him with stuff. lift potting soil around the house. cook. clean. reach things on high shelves. Ross likes to help out. and Sips can only do so much manual labor type stuff without straining his other injuries.

Ross (and Nano? badass Nanoooo!)
I like to think Ross and Sips fell for each other while Ross was training under Sips (hah)
and the other agents and the director didn’t like it, but Sips can kind of do what he wants.
it was a slow closeness that Sips wasn’t sure about, but eventually decided he liked having Ross around and couldn’t see himself with anyone else.
after the mission that went wrong and caused him some latent injuries, Sips bought himself a place in San Fran and moved to America just to get away. Ross went with him, and the agency agreed as long as Sips would take in and train more agents on the side.
Ross has been working for the agency for a long time, since age 19. he’s become one of the most accomplished agents, and as such, they only assign him to very important cases nowadays. he doesn’t mind. pays well. he and Sips were given more time to develop their relationship, too. they got married in a tiny ceremony a couple years before Trott moved in with them, though Sips felt Ross was too young to be marrying him. Ross disagreed, because after everything they’d been through they were still together. nothing else mattered, really.

Trott and Ross are both trained in MMA fighting and other tactical spy stuff
whereas Smith is not.
(they’re all in their late 20s now)

after Smith passes his training courses under Sips’, Trott’s, and Ross’ tutalage, and sometimes Nano’s, (several months later) the three of them get sent on a mission
they insert themselves into the lives of wealthy entrepreneurs in St. Petersburg
everybody gets Russian pseudonyms
Smith’s is Aleksy Kovalev
hot springs reconnaisance


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