what weird mix of 70s-90s-00s-style Catholic-Irish crap is this?- playlist

Yes, that’s the title. I couldn’t come up with something else that fit, because What Even.
Weird slightly religious music, Irish folk music, and hip hop within.
(I said it was weird, didn’t I?)
Tracklist below the read-more, for the weird modern magic AU, Catholic Smith, and my series with a heart unsatisfied.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

Who Tells Your Story- The Roots ft Common & Ingrid Michaelson
The Weasel In The Henhouse (And Ships Are Sailing)- Kennedy’s Kitchen
Patterns- Simon & Garfunkel
The Distance- Relient K
End over End- Switchback
Crayon Angels- Judee Sill
Car- Five Iron Frenzy
Local Construction- Relient K
Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin
Another Life- Ingrid Michaelson
Misty Mountains- Richard Armitage
Devastation and Reform- Relient K
Boondock Saints Interlude- Jedi Mind Tricks
Walk with Me- Apollo Brown ft Vinnie Paz & Blacastan
Whole Lot of Heart- Ingrid Michaelson
The Blood of Cuchulainn (The Boondock Saints)- Daniel Tidwell
Farewell To Arms- Five Iron Frenzy
Glory- Common
Second Place- Paper Route
Love Won’t Run Away- Switchback
On Distant Shores- Five Iron Frenzy
The Parting Glass- Kennedy’s Kitchen

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