Matador AU

Random headcanons/AUs that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

loosely inspired by Blue-Eyed Matador by Voltaire
Ross is a famous matador, and Trott is the visiting emperor who becomes interested in him.

cw: none that I can think of. dangerous situations/implied death? bullfighting is also pretty cruel to the animals, but in my story I’d say they don’t kill them.
If I need to tag something, let me know.

Matador(Gladiator)/Visiting Emperor
I don’t even think matador is the right term, but.

Picture Ross in elaborate dress in gold and white, tights, red cape, fancy hat, bit of a goatee/dark facial hair, elegantly darting/leaping out of the path of a bull.
something like this and this until 2:45 (cw: swords, animal cruelty/death, and blood)

If you meet an end at the hands of the bull, your life is over with.

Ross basking in the crowd throwing roses after his performance, smiling softly.
Trott is up in the stand next to Smith, who’s the reigning emperor of the land and an old friend. Trott takes a different colored rose out of the bouquet next to him, and throws it to Ross.
Ross notices, catches it, locks eyes with Trott under the brim of his hat. He delicately threads the stem between his teeth, and winks at Trott.
Trott smirks down at him, and continues watching Ross as he turns and bows to the rest of the crowd, as customary.
Smith clears his throat.
Trott side-eyes him with a smile. “Your fighter is quite skilled.”
“Yes…he is.” Smith isn’t happy about Trott’s favoritism.

Ross is required to keep his name secret in order to fight/perform. His only freedom is in being the emperor’s matador. He was sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit, and this was what he got in order to keep his life.

As Ross trains in the stadium, running laps around the sand arena, Trott arrives and watches him. Though they’re not allowed to interact, they do. Trott leaning over the railing and chatting with Ross. Flirting.


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