Vampire Biker Gang AU

Random headcanons/AUs that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

Probably could have also uploaded this for Halloween, but oh well.

While late night driving awhile ago, there were what looked like multiple headlights out in the cornfields, because there were farmers out there harvesting or whatever that late (like, 8/9pm) with the motorcycles out and about, too. And the lads’ Biker Gang stuff made me think of a meeting in the middle of nowhere, and a circle of headlights in the night, the only light for miles.

cw: nsfw; blood, sex, biting
If I need to tag something, let me know.

Turps pulls off the highway into a gravelly drive and stops before he can get close enough to the circle; before he can get close enough to illuminate the shadowy figures up on the hill.
“This is as far as I take you. Have fun, mate.” Turps grins to Sips, who smiles and thanks him and gets out of the car.
Sips climbs the hill, thumbs hooked in his pockets, hat on his head, and meets the trio in the center, who are each leaning up against their motorcycles.
Trott has his helmet tucked under his arm. His leather jacket is a more modern style, tight fitting, with a black zipper. He smirks at Sips as he walks up.
Ross has aviators on, even though it’s dark out, and his classic leather jacket is unzipped, revealing a black t-shirt underneath.
Smith’s jacket is laden with buckles and zips, with wide lapels. He’s the most interested in Sips, who, they’ve heard from Turps and other sources, is interested in meeting/joining their gang.
Sips’ leather jacket is like a letterman’s jacket, only the sleeves are leather.
Smith spends most of the time flirting with Sips.
He gets Trott’s permission before blowing him
because autumn-night blowjobs in the halo of motorcycle headlights sounds like a good idea.
Sips’ hand in Smith’s hair, Smith on his knees in the dirt with his hot mouth around him.

I kept watching the fields go by, with the dark-grey-black October sky occasionally lit with farm lights and headlights.
and then I thought, well, why not make them vampires? They’re riding at night, after all.
And I can imagine Trott watching Smith and Sips, pleased, smiling to himself. Ross licking his lips and walking over (after a quick glance to Trott, who nods), kissing Sips’ neck and asking if he can bite him. because Sips knows what they are or whatever idk, and of course he’s like yeah go ahead.
Ross drinking from Sips while Smith finally gets him off.
They both pull back, wait for a weary Sips to get his bearings again. Smith comments about heading out on the open road, if Sips wants to go.
“Yeah. Lead the way, pretty boy, let’s ride.”
Sips on the back of Smith’s cycle, sticking his hands in Smith’s jacket pockets to keep his hands warm, leaning his chin on Smith’s shoulder and using his body heat to keep himself warm from the night chill.
Trott and Ross mount their cycles. Each start up with a rumbling growl straight outta hell, and ride ahead, Ross and Trott on left and right respectively, with Smith and Sips taking up rear.


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