February Fic Recs, 2017

On February 10th, 11th, and 12th, you’re invited to rec your favourite fics, from the all time faves to the WIPs you’re currently enjoying.

I went through my bookmarks on ao3 from 2016 and picked out some fics.
Most of these aren’t Yogs/Hats, because I wanted to showcase more outside of that fandom.  There are lots and lots that I’m certain I’ve forgotten. If you’ve written in the same fandom I do- thank you for sharing your work. I hope to see more in the coming year, but if not, you and your work are still appreciated all the same. So, thanks!

Also, let it be known the only fandom I consider myself to be “in” is Yogs/Hats, because that’s what I write in and mostly interact in.
I do, however, read anything that interests me in pretty much any other fandom, whether I’ve seen content from it or not. Find something you thing I’d like? Feel free to rec me it down below, or on Discord or something.

Fics are sorted alphabetically by title. Summaries are italicized, and my comments are in parentheses. Archive Warnings will be listed where applicable, otherwise, there are none. Mind the tags, and happy reading ^^!


Armor is for Protection by twitchtipthegnawer
Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada
Rating: E
Oral Fixation, Glove Kink, Biting, Light Dom/sub, Praise Kink, Hand & Finger Kink, Leather

Everything about Hanzo was just so delightfully attractive. His silky hair, his well-groomed beard, his satisfied smirk. It all felt like it’d been specifically tailored to get McCree hot and bothered. Which was all well and good, but what was McCree supposed to do about the fact that Hanzo’s archery glove was the sexiest part of his ensemble?

(This is just…so good. Or as I said when bookmarking this, “hnng.”)


Disobedient by cracktheglasses (cormallen)
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Armitage Hux/Kylo Ren
Puppy Play, Muzzles, Crates, Cock Cages, BDSM, Dom/Sub, Punishment, sex worker Kylo, Collars, Leashes, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial

There’s a reason Hux doesn’t have a real pet. Why he’s hired Kylo to play the role. Calm obedience is not what Hux wants or needs, no matter the instructions he’s doled out.

(I don’t read a lot of puppy play fic, despite having written some, because the heavier/sex-involved stuff doesn’t interest me as much. But this was quite well done, and I thought the dynamic between the characters was interesting.)


Hold Me Down by coffeeinallcaps
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Poe Dameron/Finn
BDSM, Dom/sub, Pain Kink, Kink Negotiation, Face Slapping, Hair-pulling

Finn moves ever so slightly, and Poe’s mouth goes slack, his eyes dipping shut. He moans Finn’s name in a way he’s never moaned Finn’s name before, quiet and pleading. He’s clenching down around Finn, head thrown back into the pillow, his chest rising and falling rapidly, and Finn realizes, with sudden clarity, He wants me to fucking wreck him.

It’s a bewildering thought.

(As I said when bookmarking, “this was adorable and so good”.)


Thank You for Smoking by Lorelei_Lee
Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Smoking, Cock Rings, Restraints, Teasing, Blow Jobs, Cigars, Cigar Kink, mentions of riding crop, Spreader Bars, Military Kink, Suit Porn, Safe Sane and Consensual

Sherlock encourages a suspect to smoke inside Scotland Yard… so that he can (secretly) inhale the smoke too. Too bad John took Sherlock’s promise seriously that he had quit smoking. John decides to teach Sherlock a lesson he won’t soon forget …

(Smoking’s bad for you, kids, don’t do it. This fic, however, is very excellently indulgent in the Cigar Kink/Smoking Kink/Oral Kink vibe.)



Be Good For Me by celeste9
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Star Wars- all media types
Poe Dameron/Rey
Femdom, Biting Sex Games Dominance Teasing Hair-pulling

Rey mouthed over Poe’s neck, sucked gently. “Good,” she said, breathed it into his skin. “Can you be good for me?”

(Can’t go wrong with femdom when it looks like this ^^.)


Full of Plasma by magic_and_hijinx
Game Grumps
Ross O’Donovan/Brian Wecht
18 yr old Student/Teacher, High school AU, Hypnosis, some dom/sub undertones, Panic Attacks, Bullying, “you fucks are even gonna learn some art history”

When Ross’ physics teacher, Mr. Wecht, is assigned to take his detention, he decides to use the time to explore Ross’ behavioural problems in one of the only ways that’ll make sense to him.

(Sort of niche interest, being a high school AU, and hypnotism, but I liked the setup and presentation in the first chapter. Slightly dubious intent, but there’s no non-con touching or anything.)


Wax Taxidermy by kylocatastrophe
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Armitage Hux/Kylo Ren
Not Rated
Wax Play, Non-Consensual Bondage, Non-Sexual Bondage, Arson, Questionable mental stability, Immobilization, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Psychological Torture maybe?, resolved emotional tension, unhealthy relationship, Loss of Control, Aftercare, Non-Discussed Scene

The Wax Taxidermist makes and leaves politically charged sculptures around the city. They’re controversial, rats and pigeons mostly, encased in layer upon layer of wax, painstakingly carved and polished to a glossy sheen. An arsonist takes it upon themselves to put a stop to this so called art once cats begin to make an appearance. It doesn’t take long for the Wax Taxidermist to catch on, and bait them into capture, and he intends to make a new sculpture from his petty arsonist.

(Okay, so, someone dropped this post about encasing a person in wax around the SW side of tumblr [cw for mentions of gore/death], and I thought the wax part was a really aesthetically/sensation-play-ish interesting idea for a fic. And then someone wrote the thing. It’s a weird concept, sure, but I like it.)



A Song of Crows by Ficlet-Machine (Wordsmith)
Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Hux/Kylo Ren
Blood, Violence, Past Child Abuse, Past Torture, Torture, Gore, Other Tags to Be Added

Warchief Hux has just buried his trusted Crow, and, if the Gods still favour him, a new one will find their way to his lands. Hux may be young, but he is a good leader for his people. He is ready for the commitment, the responsibility, the changes that come with a new child of the Gods at his command. The clan needs it, needs it spiritual leader if they are ever to claim ownership of all the lands from here to the Core Kingdoms. Raised a warrior, he is more than ready to paint the world red in honor of his gods. He may, however, not be entirely ready for what he will feel the first time he meets the haunted and tormented eyes of the young Crow called Kylo Ren.

(““If all you can bear is to let me hold your hands, then that is what I’ll do. My… attraction to you does not affect my awareness of your station – it merely gives me twice the reason to be gentle with you.” -Chapter 7

Medieval Sweden with dark magic and mysticism. Kylo Ren and Hux are Very In Love, but both they and each side of the story has dark and light to them. This is what I wanted the movie to have- complicated villains that had more to them than whining and destruction.(and maybe that was there, but this isn’t Ghost Rambles About TFA). Mysterious and fascinating worldbuilding. I love big fantasy pieces like this. They take LOTS of time and effort by authors, but I really wish there was more of them.
HEED THE CWs especially on this one. The author dropped the bombshell of MCD in the most recent chapter.

cws: for lots of death, amputation, sacrifices/blood drinking, torture, ritual sex, warping of religious elements; mentions of murder/child murder, mentions of self-inflicted wounds, mentions of death in childbirth/stillborns; manipulation; major character death, forced suicide”)


Fallout by Whisper91
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
Harry Hart | Galahad/Merlin/Gary “Eggsy” Unwin
BDSM AU, Dom/sub, Threesome, Subdrop, Domestic Discipline, Spanking, Subspace
Fix-It, Harry Lives, Hurt/Comfort

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin is a registered Dominant. It’s on his driver’s licence. It’s on his National Insurance card. Hell, it’s even on his bloomin’ GCSE certificates. And the fact that it’s all a load of bollocks is a secret Eggsy had intended to take to his grave.

Course, he hadn’t been expectin’ a bloody sub-drop to sweep in and knock him on his arse in the wake of the Valentine Massacre. Turns out grief and adrenaline ain’t a good combination.

(BDSM AUs are somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me. And this one is so good, both hot and a great big cuddly, warm, comforting thing. cws for grief and loss, action violence/guns/explosives, and minor character deaths.)


from the landscape: a sense of scale by brawlite
Star Wars- all media types
Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Hux/Kylo Ren
Modern Boarding School AU, “violence and pain as personal penance”, Religious Elements, Catholicism, “depression and poor coping mechanisms”, “this is grim”

“It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all,” Ren sneaks up behind him in the courtyard, his deep voice suddenly echoing in Hux’s ear.
Hux grimaces, clenching his teeth together in an effort to keep from lashing out with his fists. “You butchered that.” He wouldn’t stand a chance against Ren. One day, that’s not going to stop him.

(“Hux takes each detail Ren reveals about himself and hoards it greedily, unsure when he ever cared so much about another person’s life before this moment. It feels like Hux is being gifted with something precious, even if Ren talks so freely. Even if this is just how he is with everyone, Hux cherishes it as something new. For him, it is.”

A beautiful slow fall, both bittersweet and melancholy. Literature and poetry references, nature, light bondage, sex between two 18 yr olds. Aftermath of fighting between Hux and unknown characters. Figuring things out.)


Old Magic by squintly
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Armitage Hux/Ben Solo|Kylo Ren
Suicidal Thoughts

For the first time in three hundred years, Hux felt the call.

The spell was crude, boorish; a plain tallow candle, words mumbled and mispronounced, none of the courtly gestures to which Hux had once been accustomed. He came anyway, if only to see who, in the Christian year 1803, would think to summon a fairy.

(such a good. not a pretty relationship, angry with it’s faults, but beautiful too.)


The Aftermath by mightbeanasshole
Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter RPF
Michael Jones/Geoff Ramsey
Student/Teacher, High School AU, Non-Graphic Violence, Cock Piercing

Sequel to “The Hustler.” At the urging of his colleagues, Geoff Ramsey leaves his life as a struggling college professor to teach at a posh high school in the middle of nowhere. But on his first day at the new job, Geoff’s biggest mistake is staring at him from the front row of his senior English class–and the kid isn’t about to go away.

So what the hell do you do when you’re forced to spend an entire school year teaching the kid you gave a barely legal blowjob to?

(Another HS AU, but tackles the issues in the age difference. Cute, hot, and heartwarming. English literature, poetry, and food. What more could you ask for? cw: arguments; drinking problems)



A Course for the Thunderbolt by LauranicusPond
Urban Magic Yogs, Light Angst, Pain

A Gargoyle likes to watch storms from the roof of his church. An early, pre-Garbage Court UMY story.

(I’ve really enjoyed the UMY series LauranicusPond has built so far, and I can’t wait to see more. This one is one of my favorites, a good look at the gargoyle in his lonely life before the court.)


Et Vous? by writtensmitten
French, college/professor AU
(not a bookmark from 2016 but I found it again and had to rec it)

An AU where Smith is a French professor and Ross is in his final year at Uni as a French major. Honhonhon.

(Honhonhon indeed ^^. This is super cute. It’s short and sweet and small, but I really like it. It captures that admiration of cute people really well:

“What an absolute babe, he thought to himself as he bit the eraser of his pencil, unable to hold back a smile at the pure gorgeousness that stood before him. It was clear that a number of other students were also infatuated by the sight of this adonis-like man. I mean, not only was he eye candy, but his French accent was incredibly on point.”)


Hotel Coffee by Toast_Senpai
Ross/Sips (Sips3max)
Alternate Universe, Alcohol, Casual Sex, Anal Sex, Feelings, Hand Jobs, Rimming, Anal Fingering

And that summer Ross feels like the only thing that really matters is chasing a complete stranger.
i.e. the one where Ross goes after Sips.

(Sips3max, one of the weird pairings I love and want to see more of. Ross and Sips fall together easily and slowly, though Ross has his reservations at first.)


I Want to Hold Your Hand by enbyofdionysus
Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Rick Riordan, The Heroes of Olympus – Rick Riordan
Jason Grace/Percy Jackson
AroAce Characters, Queerplatonic Relationships, Cuddling, Handholding, College AU

There’s a boy who lives across the hall from Jason. Aka Jason gets a squish on Percy Jackson.

(Sweet, adorable, and comforting.)


Jagged Little Pill by htbthomas
Limitless (TV)
Gen, Brian Finch & Rebecca Harris
Canon-Typical Violence, Hallucinations, Drug Use, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? References, Hurt/Comfort

A year after the finale, Brian’s still happily working to take down criminals with the FBI. Or he would be, if NZT was still working the way it should.

(The fic I got for Yuletide in December. This was just the kind of hurt/comfort I wanted. Brian’s fear of NZT wearing off works so well, and I can really relate to that feeling of wondering what comes next. For so long thinking things were going right, and then fearing everything you’ve gained is going to disappear. I love his uncertainty, and Rebecca and her gentle caring and insistence that things will work out.)


play (until your heart breaks through your ribs) by oneese
Not Rated
Creator Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Slow Burn, Football AU

football au; two boys growing up in the world of football (together – alone). getting to know themselves and the pitch. and learning that you can’t be the same person in the stadium as out of it.

(oneese always writes such beautifully heart-wrenching stuff, and this soccer/football AU is no different. hits hard, and hits good, and oh, Ross…my feelings. slight cw for depression, loneliness.)


Taking Care of Your Gargoyle by DraniKitty
Ross, Smith, Trott, Sips, Will, Zylush
Urban Magic Yogs, mentions of death/drowning/murder/arson/fire/stealing

You must be wondering, how does one take care of a gargoyle?

(A silly and amusing how-to with the always-enjoyable Garbage Court.

“The first thing you should do is question why you have a gargoyle. Oh, you got him from a church? Well, that’s generally where you FIND the- You BURNED the church.


Well then. Naughty kelpie.”)


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