the life of a drowning boy- playlist

A sequel playlist to a playlist for an original short story I wrote for creative writing, darkness within. It was about two brothers (one of which murders his girlfriends in a lake in their small Florida town); their relationship with their parents, and societal expectations.

But what if the boy who left and the boy who was left behind grew up?

Tracklist (and my vague-ish plot ideas) below the read-more. Note cw tags for both.
Dunno if the plot matches the mood of the music as well as the last one, but oh well.

Check out the Spotify playlist here.

The younger brother is now on the break of thirty, and when he gets involved accidentally in some crime, he ends up being brought in by the police. His DNA matches by a familial link to DNA attached to a serial killer’s string of murders. He gives them all the info he knows- that his brother left when he was twelve, and he never saw him again.
He sorts through old family things in his un-air-conditioned home office, window open and fans going, listening to the local marching band practice. At the same time, he gets a packetful of letters that had never been sent. It comes from Elena Williams, a woman named after a hurricane, and the woman his brother reportedly fell in love with and had a child with.
“He wrote you letters all those years he was gone, he told me. And after what happened I felt you needed to see them,” she writes. But there’s no mention of what happened. Is his older brother still alive?
There wasn’t any return address, either; the packet was put in his mailbox. Did they live in the area?
Haunted by old memories, he tries to understand who his brother is- and was. Elena’s words say one thing, but his memories of his brother say others- particularly the one where he saw him murder his current-at-the-time girlfriend in the swampy marsh-lakes of their tiny Florida hometown.

It’s All Part Of A Bigger Plan- Diplo
Easier Day- Little Green Cars
Ophelia- The Lumineers
Antichrist- The 1975
Murderers- John Frusciante
Kong- Bonobo
Till The Water’s All Long Gone- The Decemberists
The Kiss of Life- The Dear Hunter
All Good People- Delta Rae
Shield Your Eyes (Acoustic)- Dry The River
Hurricane- Stateless
Stan- Eminem
Prism #1- Stateless
As I Lay Dying- Diplo
No Rest- Dry The River
Believer- Imagine Dragons
Exit- Stateless


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