Futuristic Dystopian AU

Random headcanons/AUs that won’t get fics anytime soon. If anyone wants to add on/chime in/create something, feel free.

In the far future, society is divided into social classes- the elite, wealthy citizens of the city, and the mongrel, poor citizens of the slums. The Elite Syndicate, the highest members of the wealthy class, control the government, and are forbidden from any interests and social pursuits that would threaten their work- except for hiring lower-class “pets” to entertain them. After Trott, one of the elite, saves Smith from rival gang members, the chance encounter thrusts Smith into the false utopia of the upper class, and the limitations and laws that control their very existence. The developing relationship tests the societal constraints between the two, and for better or worse, others begin to take notice.

aka the Ai No Kusabi AU that I don’t want to admit to
except no hair color designation, no forced slavery/kidnapping, no underage, no brainwashing/stockholm syndrome/emotional manipulation by the elite love interest
Trott as Iason, Smith as Riki, Ross as Guy, Sips as Raul

cw: consensual/agreed upon/slightly blackmailed into sexual slavery, dubiousness, sex work, mention of drugging and scars, threats of murder, collars, restraints, exhibitionism/voyeurism, other bdsm aspects, and probably some manipulation from other characters
If I need to tag something, let me know.

Trott saves Smith from being beaten up by a rival gang. Smith begs to blow him to pay him back. offers his body. Trott refuses. offers him his card, to call if he gets in deeper trouble.
Smith eventually calls, but associates of Trott’s pick him up. they get him out of debt but say he has to pay them back- by either working as a servant, a technician, or a sex slave.
a slave, or “pet” would have to perform to entertain the elite. Smith accepts, because this grants him the greatest benefits in the least amount of time.
At the pet auction, Trott picks him up, much to the dislike of other elite- especially when Smith goes snooping. Trott, despite it being against regulation, begins having consensual sex with Smith and getting involved emotionally. other elite find out and threaten to punish Trott for disobeying the rules.
Smith is let go. de-collared. finds Ross again.
Ross is appalled that Smith wants to go back.
“No, listen- it’s like the lap of luxury.”
“you’re a sex worker and an exhibitionist.”
“and it pays well!”
Smith deliberates over going back, worried about Trott.
Ross gets a job in tech, for the money.
Sips has warned Trott that if he fraternizes with Smith, the elite will want to have his memory wiped. “I like you, Trott. don’t make me do that.”
Smith gets himself back in the pet auction. Sips swoops in just in time to buy him before assholes can. “what are you doing here? you fuck up, and they’ll wipe mine and Trott’s memory and kill you.”
“kill me?!”
“you’re expendable- Trott isn’t, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have ways to make other elites into slaves. you’re messing with forces you don’t understand.”
Ross getting attention, being watched as he works as a janitor. becoming the interest of Xephos, who thinks he’s pretty. Xephos offers him top dollar to enter the market. Ross refuses.
“even still- my card…”
and Ross really, really thinks about it. because Smith has it good. asks Smith about Xephos. Smith goes snooping, gets caught by Xeph’s guards, and Xeph blackmails Ross into becoming his pet. orgies. humiliation. bound in front of him, edged and teased, flushed with arousal. drugged with aphrodisiacs.
Smith goes to Trott. “Trott. Trott, you have to help me.”
“I can’t override contracts, Smith.”
“then I’ll switch his place! Ross…didn’t exactly want this, and…” guilt
Trott frowns. quiet for a moment. “I’ll see what I can do.”
formal dinner with the elites and their pets. Sips and Smith. Xeph and Ross. Trott, alone. Turps with a skinny blonde guy. Lalna with Rythian, scarred.
“not all pets are treated lavishly,” Sips whispers to Smith, “even if Ross isn’t happy…he could have it much worse.”

The collars are like the pet rings- stimulate nerves, turning people on. sort of like the opposite of a cock ring.

The elite run the government. They’re the board of directors, essentially. twelve of them total. Sips- business, Xephos- science, Lalna- medicine, Trott- engineering, Turps- marketing. Hulmes- public relations, Lomadia- journalism, Nano- technology, Angor- film & media; others who oversee architecture, security, and economics)

Trott- high collared white cloak, leggings, and gloves
council robes:
Smith- tight black jeans/t-shirt, knee-high asskicking leather boots with buckles up the side
Sips- Raul’s purple cloak/tunic/whatever


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