so you want to watch nerds play d&d… (1)

From long series, to short series, to one-offs, with both new and old players…there’s toooooons of tabletop roleplaying game content to choose from on Youtube.

Today, I want to talk to you about the recent game I’ve been watching/listening to:

Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team

This tabletop Dungeons & Dragons game is a spin-off of Acq Inc- but if you know nothing about that, this is totally the cool place to start. Basically, Acq Inc is/was a D&D podcast started by a group of gamers/artists/writers/D&D players, and the premise was that a group of adventurers started a company to collect loot. The idea of The “C” Team is that a brand new group of adventurers has been hired by this company, for a “Secret Purpose” that has not yet been revealed. You can check out more lore info at

The episodes are currently posted on PennyArcade’s Youtube channel, and they run about 2.5 to 3 hours long. (As of posting this, there are 6 episodes. Episodes are livestreamed every Thursday and posted Friday/Saturday).

For a highlights reel of Great Moments, check out these badass animations by Zeebashew!

The main cast of characters are:
Walnut Dankgrass (the k is silent), a half elf druid with animal issues
K’thriss Drow’b, a drow warlock who may ormay not be in debt with an Eldritch horror
Donaar Blitzen, a narcissistic dragonborn cleric
Rosie Beestinger, a frickin little old lady badass halfling monk
she is THE BEES KNEES. I love her. she’s great.
And really, all the characters are A+, and Jerry Holkins makes a good DM, too.

WATCH THE SHOW AND COME TALK TO ME. Let’s create some beautiful headcanons together <3.


5 thoughts on “so you want to watch nerds play d&d… (1)

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  4. Romrapaara

    I FUCKING LOVE THOSE NERDS! I’m so glad K’thriss gets to keep playing after years of narrating the main team’s intros.

    Sorry, I know this is an older post. You usually see the same people in the chats on the big Twitch D&D games, like High Rollers or Wafflecrew, but for some reason I’ve had a hard time finding people who watch C Team.


    1. ghostofgatsby Post author

      Yeeeees, more C Team fans!!! Wooo ^^!
      Honestly, Kris Straub’s voiceovers always sounded like Wil Wheaton to me, so I didn’t really know about him until the one Acq Inc ep he did Live at a PAX. But I totally understand his fanboy-ism now, hahah. Finally getting to interact instead of watch from afar is pretty exciting.
      Is this an older post? *looks at date* huh. almost a month old…I had no idea, hahah! Regardless, it’s totally cool to comment on old stuff I have on here. I see 99% of comments on all of my posts, so it won’t fade into obscurity based on the age of the post.
      I didn’t even think about checking out the chat…I watch the vods, mainly, with C Team, and sometimes with HR. I tend to avoid Twitch chat because it’s just meme spam…and I’m too busy watching to interact much.
      As far as other places on the interweb, there’s like…One Art on tumblr that I’ve seen. Most artists seem to be on twitter, though there’s been some fantastic art retweeted by Jerry Holkins.



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