Some Words About AUs

Now, this isn’t a call-out post or anything, or supposed to stir up drama, this is just something I’ve been thinking about lately, have seen in my browsing of multiple fandoms, and wanted to clear up, in the case that some confusion might arise that could sour fandom interaction.

And that’s on the topic of sharing AUs.

One of the things I love about the Hats/Yogs fandom is it’s creativity, and the way people get together and collaborate ideas.

But just because someone has shared an AU with fandom doesn’t automatically make it a sandbox/able to be workshopped by other creators.

UMY, or Urban Magic Yogs, was kind of an exception to a rule- it started as a group of like-minded individuals who shared and created ideas together, and by making a specific tumblr, opened that AU up to everyone who wanted to get involved.

Not every AU is like this, and not every fandom operates like this either. Sometimes someone may share something they plan on finishing/plan on writing, and someone else immediately jumping in and making something without collaborating/giving credit of some kind may turn those people away from creating what they came up with in the first place.
Not everything that’s created is completely unique, per say, since we write and create in a medium that is based off of other content, but whatever ends up created is individual on it’s own- solely because no two creators are the same. (That’s why it’s still cool to do an idea if someone else already created the thing- your style is different from anyone elses.)

It’s important to be appreciative and respectful of others ideas before you…and people are allowed to have differing opinions on how they think certain AUs are shaped and what the core dynamics/ideas are. In any case, it’s important to try to understand first before jumping to angry conclusions about what someone means by creating content. When in doubt, ask respectful questions.

All that being said: most authors and creators I know love it when people bounce ideas off of them and create things based on their work. (I pretty much always say if anyone wants to write something based off of something I wrote, that’s cool by me.) And that’s part of how the cycle of appreciation keeps going- it’s sort of just another form of giving kudos/likes. So as long as you give a nod to whoever wrote a fic/headcanons/ideas, I think it is generally acceptable to create your version of things, be inspired by others’ works, create x thing based on y’s thing, make AUs of AUs, etc. And if you don’t know how an author/creator feels, it is always cool to ask.

(Keep in mind that my opinions are my own. No offense is intended to anyone, nor is this because of a specific thing/event/person. Unsure about something I said/what I mean by something? Come talk to me about it. ~Ghost)


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